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École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District


Clubs and groups are happy to have students join at any time during the year.  Some have limited seasons, so it is recommended that students check with the  teacher supervisor to find out meeting dates and activity schedules. Teachers and support staff volunteer their time for these extracurricular activities to enrich everyone's school  experience.

Ambassadors                                                                          Ms. So - Teacher Sponsor

Windsor's Ambassadors Club is a group dedicated in promoting leadership and diversity. They volunteer their time to help Ms. So and the school during events such as the International and Grade 7 Orientations. While the rest of the school departs for early dismissal, Ambassadors can be seen happily welcoming parents during Parent Teacher Interviews.  Throughout their years as an Ambassador, they form strong bonds with each other, the internationals and school staff.  With our motto "to welcome and serve everyone", the Ambassadors Club is always open for anyone to join.

YUJO (formerly Best Buddies) Club                                                             Ms. Drew - Teacher Sponsor

Pairing student companions with peers with ability challenges, and having fun, is the point of this club.  We meet weekly for lunch and periodically for special events, advocacy, and to promote inclusiveness.

Chess Club                                                                                        Ms. McEwen - Teacher Sponsor     

Whether seasoned or newbie, this club offers students an opportunity to learn and play in a fun, supportive and/or competitive atmosphere.

Drag Race Team                                                                                Mr. Lonsbrough - Teacher Sponsor

 Drag Race Team.png

Race day was the first time back for Mr. Lonsbrough in 9 years, with a big thanks to the BCSSMA for running things and helping in getting the team sorted out on arrival. We thought we were done after the 4th run down the strip when the car over heated after throwing the fan belt, however, the whole team pitched in to help and were back on the track for the elimination rounds.

Fastest run was made by Ben Lawson at 13.579sec. @ 101.70 MPH, beating Mr. Lonsbrough's current fastest time. Jack Newell, the team's second driver, had a best time of 13.80sec. @ 100.71 MPH.


DSLC-District Student Leadership                                                Ms. Bell - Sponsor

This district-wide leadership council has participants from Windsor to help plan and coordinate great workshops and events for the multi-school leadership group.  This group meets monthly at various schools around the district under the leadership of Mr. Hockley, administrator at Argyle school.  The person(s) who represent this council will also sit on the Windsor Student Council Executive and report to them as well as report out to the district council.

Gender Sexuality Alliance                                                            Ms. Maquignaz & Mr. Ward-Teacher Sponsor

The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) is a club where students can come together to promote awareness, acceptance and equality of the LGBTQ+ community.

Grad Council                                                                                      Ms.Wood -Teacher Sponsor         

A committee of Grade 12's elected in the spring to co-ordinate the following year's grad activities.

Green Team                                                                                         Ms. McEwen - Teacher Sponsor

This team holds weekly get-togethers and event participation to promote environmental awareness and responsibility.  Go Green and make a difference in your community.

Interact                                                                                                 Ms. Lazarova - Teacher Sponsor

Interact Club is a Rotary-sponsored service club.  We are pleased to have the Rotary Club of Lions Gate as our professional partner.  Windsor's Interact Club is noted as being one of the best int he Rotary District 5040.  Interact is a service organization for young adults (ages 14-18 years old) with a mission to provide funding and support for both local and global issues.  Interact Club runs the full school year and joining at any time is always welcome.

Model UN - on hold till further notice                                             Ms. Layton & Mr. Myers -  Teacher Sponsor

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. We are looking for enthusiastic students looking for a challenge in providing solutions to world issues.

NAT 20 Club                                                                                        Mr.Myers - Teacher Sponsor

The NAT 20 Club is a group of students that come together once a week to play table top games with a primary focus on Dungeons & Dragons. The group meets on various days after school, in order to allow a multitude of players, and plays for 3 to 4 hours per session.  Club members are tauaght the basic prinicples of the game so they can take on the role of characters and those interested are taught the more intricate elements of the game so they can learn to become Game Masters and actually run campaigns.  The ultimate goal of the club is that members will begin their own campaigns outside of the club and expand their social circle by make new friends through Dungeons & Dragons.

Roadie Club                                                                                         

The Roadie Club is Windsor's volunteer technical crew.  They are the people who make events at Windsor look and sound great.  Roadie Club members learn how to set up and operate sound mixer boards, speakers, microphones, lighting dimmer boards, amplifiers, drum-kits, projectors and much more.  To hone their skills, Roadie Club members work alongside Performing Arts staff as well as local sound and light.  Some students choose to get highly involved in the technical side of productions, while others perfer to do the hands on work of moving equipment on and off stage.  It's totally up to how each student chooses to be involved and everyone is welcome.  There is no specific meeting time - they just get together when a gig is coming. 

 Sewing for a Cause                                                                          Ms. Lazarova - Teacher Sponsor

Sewing for a Cause is an amazing opportunity to give back to the community. Throughout the year we will be working on several projects for both local and global organizations. We will also be sewing/crafting fun projects. We have weekly get-togethers.  You don't need to have sewing experience to join the club and help make a change in the community.

Student Council                                                             Ms. Layton & Ms. Oliver - Teacher Sponsors

The Windsor Student Council serves as the liaison between the student body and the faculty with an aim to improve the quality of life for all students at our school.  Members provide leadership by representing different grades and groups at Windsor and all members work towards giving all students a voice.  The Student Council  will strive to promote better work and learning environments and student involvement in school activities.  In the past, activities have included: a Welcome BBQ, Halloween Costume Contest, Santa's Breakfast, Valentine Candy Grams, Spirit Days and many more.  The Council will consider any suggestions to improve student life and learning at Windsor.

The Student  Council needs involvement from a wide variety of students at  Windsor. We are looking for people who can commit to spending some time in meetings and events to accomplish the Student Council goals and support all students and will take their responsibility seriously.

 Yearbook Club                                                                                   Ms. Sihota - Teacher Sponsor

Interested in Journalism, Photography and Graphic Design? If so, the yearbook club is a place where you can exercise all three skills! Students work together to build a unique design and theme for each year's book to document and record all of the amazing people, events, clubs, sports, and academics this school has to offer. Join Yearbook to build, collect and remember your best times at Windsor!