École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Student Council

The Windsor Student Council is an association that has representatives of our school from Grades 8-12. The executive and grade reps are an elected body.  The members at large are volunteers.  The duties of the Windsor Student Council are:

* to be the deciding body in all matters relating to the interpretation of this constitution and all business of the Student Council.

* to govern and co-ordinate student council sponsored events of the Student Association.

* to attend all concerns and suggestions of the Student Association and Faculty.

* to oversee all clubs within the school.

* to oversee distribution of funding for clubs from Student Fees.

Besides being a governing body for the school, the Student Council tries to put on events within the school to raise awareness to causes as well as promote school spirit.

We raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation, raise awareness about Anti-Bullying Day and Mental Health awareness, as well as other school initiatives the council may vote on that year.

In addition,  given this is a COVID year, the Student Council will be putting on some virtual events for Halloween.  They usually host Santa's Breakfast held the last school day in December from 7:30 to 8:30 in the Dukes Den, but that will not be happening this year. The Student Council plans to decorate the school and encourage the holiday spirit.

Student Council is an extremely active group within the school representing all grade levels at their meetings that meet once every two weeks.  We welcome any input from our student body. They can reach the Student Council at windsorstudentcouncil1@gmail.com

You can also follow the Windsor Student Council on Instagram: @windsorstudentcouncil



CO PRESIDENTS                                                Bella Caswell                                      Ella Hoffman

CO VICE PRESIDENTS                                       Felix Stock                                          Stella Whyte

TREASURER                                                        Joshua Walton-Knight                   

​SECRETARY                                                         Ella Holtby

CO COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERS                  Carla Hoffman                                  Olivia Hardman




Grade 12                              Julia Bird                                            James Embley

                                              Halle Trieu                                          Adrienne Lesueur

Grade 11                              Sam Stringer                                     Joshua Williams

                                              Max Fourie                                         Elly Knight

Grade 10                              Lilly Nevin                                          Matthew Coffin

                                               Lisa Zhang                                                                                                                          

Grade 9                                 India Newell                                       Ringo Duddy-Hayashibara           

                                               Sebastian Campbell                        

Grade 8                                Xerius Mavalvala                              Nick Bohdan

                                               Reece Carter

International                      Aranza Diaz-Gonzalez