École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
PAC Bylaws

PAC Bylaws

1.1  The normal place of operation of the Association shall be Windsor Secondary School, School District #44 (North Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada.

2.1 Persons who are employed by the North Vancouver School Board as teachers or administrative officers as defined by the School Act and assigned to Windsor Secondary School and parents or guardians of children who are in attendance at the school.
2.2 The annual membership shall be from September 1st to the following August 31st.
2.3 There shall be no membership dues assessed to members.
2.4 A person shall cease to be a member of the Association:
(a) by delivering her/his resignation in writing to the Secretary of the Association, or
(b) when, as a parent or guardian they no longer have a child registered at the school, or
(c) when as a teacher or administrative officer, they are no longer assigned to the school.

3.1 A general meeting, a special general meeting, and an annual general meeting shall consist of the assembled members of the Association.
3.2 A quorum of any general meeting, including special and annual, shall consist of a minimum of 5 members.
3.3 General meetings shall be held at least once a year. Additional meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.
3.4 Notification shall be given in writing to members at least ten school days prior to each general meeting and annual general meeting.
3.5 A special general meeting, dealing exclusively with an emergency matter may be called by the Executive Committee upon at least 24 hours notice.
3.6 A special general meeting shall be called by the Executive Committee upon the written request of at least 10% of the membership.
3.7 The annual general meeting of the Association shall be held at a time and place to be determined by the Executive Committee.
3.8 The business of the annual general meeting shall include:
(a) receipt of reports
(b) receipt of financial statements
(c) receipt of the prepared budget for the following year
(d) nomination and election of officers
(e) appointment of auditor(s)
(f) such other business as may further the objectives of the Association.

4.1 There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair, Treasurer, and at least three (3) Members At Large. The secretary's position will be assigned from those members elected to the Executive Committee by the Executive Committee.
4.2 The Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting and shall take office immediately after the conclusion of the same annual general meeting.
4.3  The voting procedures for the election of the Executive Committee shall include three (3) ballots. The first ballot shall be for the election of the Chair, the second ballot for the election of the Treasurer, and the third ballot for the election of the Members At Large, from the nominated candidates and from first and second ballot nominees not elected to the positions of Chair or Treasurer but wishing to let their names stand. Winners on each of the three ballots shall be determined by simple plurality.
4.4  Each member of the Executive Committee shall be a member in good standing.
4.5  A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be a majority of the members thereof.
4.6  All elected members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election to any position.
4.7  Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the Executive Committee, the vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term by an election at the next general meeting.
4.8  The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair or at the request of at least two members of the Executive Committee.
4.9  The Executive Committee shall, subject to the action of a general meeting, a special general meeting, or an annual general meeting, exercise all the powers of the Association and shall direct and supervise the business of the Association between meetings.
4.10  Except by a majority vote at a general meeting (including special and annual), no member of the Association shall receive remuneration for her/his services on behalf of the Association. However, the Executive Committee may reimburse a member of the Association for expenses incurred while carrying out the authorised business of the Association.

5.1  The Executive Committee may appoint standing and advisory committees and shall define the tasks and powers of such committees.
5.2  The Executive Committee may appoint annually four (4) individuals, a minimum of two (2) of which are parents or guardians, to serve as members of a Standing Committee for Fundraising.

6.1  The Officers of the Association shall consist of Chair, Treasurer and Executive Members at Large.
6.2  The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and shall have general supervision of all activities of the Association.
6.3  The Treasurer  shall, in the absence or disability of the Chair, perform the Chair's duties.
6.4  The Secretary shall prepare and preserve a record of the minutes of all general and Executive meetings of the Association and shall execute authorised documents in the name of the Association.
6.5  The Treasurer shall:
(a)  have custody of all monies of the Association.
(b)  deposit monies in the financial institution(s) designated by the Executive Committee.
(c)  disburse monies by cheque on the order of the Executive Committee
(d)  keep an appropriate set of financial records for the Association and have such documentation ready for inspection by the Executive Committee when required.
(e)  submit to each general meeting and the annual general meeting a report on the financial status of the Association.
(f)  at the first meeting of the Association in the fall school term, submit a detailed budget of the expected revenue and expenses for the forthcoming year.
(g)  submit a financial report to the annual general meeting.
6.6  The Chair shall appoint one or more members of the Association to serve as delegate(s) to the North Vancouver Parents' Advisory Council.

7.1  The Terms of Office for all members of the Executive Committee shall be for one year or shall continue until a successor is elected.

8.  FEES:
8.1  No fees shall be levied upon any members.

9.1  The financial year of the Association shall begin on the first day of July and end on the following thirtieth day of June.

10.1  When a budget has been adopted by a general meeting, expenditures beyond any general item of the budget shall be exceeded only by special resolution of the Executive Committee.

11.1  The Constitution of the Association, except Article III. (Dissolution), and the By-Laws may be amended by a 75% majority vote at any general meeting or annual general meeting of the Association provided that notice of the proposed amendment is included in the notice of the meeting.