Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Course Programming

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Carson Graham starts the p​​rogramming cycle for the upcoming school year in the spring.  In addition to counsellors meeting with current students to pick courses for the next year, staff also visit our elementary feeder schools to meet with grade 7 students to assist with the transition into high school.

Selecting a program of study is an important process that should involve students, parents, teachers, administrators, and counsellors. After careful consideration, courses should be chosen based on students' strengths, interests, and future requirements. Whether a student's goal includes university, college, business, vocational school, or employment, wise planning is critical.

Please note that educationally sound reasons are required to make changes to individual timetables at a later date and changes can only be accommodated if there is space available in classes.

Final course offerings are dependent on staffing and student demand. To the best of our knowledge, these courses are subject to changes based on funding, staffing, student demand, expertise of staff, and District, Ministry and the International Baccalaureate Organization guidelines.



For information regarding course descriptions, course codes, course fees and course outlines, click on the departments listed on the left menu and search accordingly.

Important Programming Dates

January 28th @ 7pm in the Agora: Current Grade 7 Parents

February 5th @ 7pm in the Agora: Current Grade 8 and 9 Parents

February 6th @ 7pm in the Agora: Current Grade 10 and 11 Parents

Programming Night Presentations & Course Selection Forms​

Grade 7 into 8 β€‹   

2019-2020 MYP Year 3 Course Programming Sheet.pdf

2019-2020 Grade 7 to 8 Parent Programming Presentation.pdf

Grade 8 into 9     

2019-2020 MYP Year 4 Programming Sheet.pdf

2019-20 Grade 8 into 9 Parent-Powerpoint.pdf

Grade 9 into 10   

2019-2020 Year 5 Course Programming Form.pdf

2019-2020 Grade 9 to 10 Student-Parent Programming Presentation.pdf

Grade 10 into 11 

2019-2020 Grade 11 Course Programming Form.pdf

2019-20 Grade 11-12 Parent Programming Presentation.pdf

SL DL Course Programming.pdf

Grade 11 into 12   

2019-2020 Grade 12 Course Programming Sheet.pdf​ β€‹

2019-20 Grade 11-12 Parent Programming Presentation.pdf

SL DL Course Programming.pdf