Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
MYP Certificate
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Carson Graham will award the MYP certificate to each student who has:

  • Participated in the programme in the grade 10 year (at least)
  • Gained a total of at least 28 points calculated from the students' grades in the following courses:
    • Language and Literature (English)
    • Language Acquisition (French, Spanish, or Squamish Language)
    • Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)
    • Science
    • Math
    • Art (Visual or Performing)
    • Design (Information Technology, Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Design & Wood Technology, Engineering)
    • Physical Education
    • LAC/Learning Centre
    • Choices
    • ELL (English Language Learning)
    • Personal Project
  • Earned a minimum level of 2 in the Personal Project
  • Completed 30 hours of Service as Action hours by the end of the grade 10 year​