Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Approaches to Learning (ATL)

​The ATL provide the foundation for independent learning and are a unifying thread throughout all MYP subject groups.  In all courses at Carson Graham, staff will notice, name, and nurture the development of these core competencies in our learners.   

Students will self-reflect on their Approaches to Learning skills on an ongoing basis.

ATL Posters.png​

Communication Skills

Communication involves exchanging thoughts, messages, and information effectively through interaction.  It also involves reading, writing, and using language to gather and communicate information.

Research Skills 

Research involves information literacy skills like finding, interpreting, evaluating, creating, and citing information.  It also involves interacting with media to use and create ideas and information, called media literacy.

Self-Management Skills

Self-management involves effective organization and management of one's time and tasks. Affective skills involve managing one's state of mind.  Reflective skills involve reconsidering the process of learning, choosing and using the approaches to learning skills.

Social Skills

Social skills are the skills involved in working effectively in collaboration with others.

Thinking Skills

Critical thinking involves analyzing and evaluating issues and ideas.  Creative thinking involves generating novel ideas and considering new perspectives.  Transfer involves utilizing skills and knowledge amount disciplines and subject groups.