Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Carson Sports Registration

Hello Parents/Guardians,

We are proud to announce that all Athletic Team Fees will be paid online through School Cash Online.

School Cash Online​

We urge parents to get online to pay Athletic Fees as soon as possible as our coaches cannot access funds to organize the season until the money is in our accounts. Coach's will provide registration forms and team information to the students, students are expected to return these forms promptly to the coach as they will not be allowed to compete until an informed consent form has been signed.

It is expected that all parents that will attend games will read over the Parents Code of Conduct for Athletic Events. Regardless of the playing surface, our practices and games are an extension of the classroom and we expect parents to respect the educational setting in which our athletic events take place.

Parents Code Of Conduct

​It is also strongly encouraged that parents/guardians sit down with their children to go over the Athletic Standards of our Athletic Program. Coaches will also discuss the agreement with the team prior to the season starting. Many of the standards that are outlined below directly relate to the philosophical approaches of our IB: Middle Years Program's Learner Profile.​


We are pleased that your son/daughter has chosen to participate as a member of the team. As he/she is representing the school we expect certain standards to be maintained. These standards are outlined briefly as follows:

1. Academics – Every team member is expected to maintain academic standards to the best of his/her ability.

2. Attendance and Commitment – Staff and community coaches give voluntary time and players should give full commitment to activities in which they participate. Therefore, each team member is expected to attend all practices and games. Failure to comply with this may result in suspension or expulsion from the team depending on the severity of the situation. If an athlete knows that there may be a conflict between an outside activity and school athletics, then he/she is required to discuss this situation with the coach immediately.

3. Citizenship – Team members are expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour and attitude associated with good athletes.

4. Class Attendance – Athletes must attend all classes on game day and should participate in P.E. classes on game days.

5. Equipment and Strip – Team uniforms should be hand washed separately and should be returned immediately at the end of the season of play. Athletes will be charged for ruined or lost equipment.

6. Fees – Athletes are required to pay an athletic fee to help replace equipment and supplies.

7. Quitting / Expulsion – Any student who quits (after first league game) or is expelled from a team for any reason may be ineligible for team activities for up to one year. ​

​​​Volunteer Driver Application Form

​Any parent who wishes to drive students other than their own must complete a volunteer driver application form, then have ICBC fax a copy of your drivers abstract to our school. You may submit these forms by email to Krista Wall ( When completing this form, please include the team for which you are volunteering, as well as the Coach's or Team Sponsors name. 

Volunteer Driver Application Form