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Scholarship and Bursary Information

​​​​2024 Carson Graham Scholarship Committee Application

The Carson Graham Scholarship Application is to be completed by students who have excelled in academic courses, extracurricular accomplishments, and/or service.  The information used in the application will be used to determine recipients of scholarships and bursaries administered by the Carson Graham Scholarship Committee. 

The application is comprised of two partsBoth parts of the application must be completed for students to be considered:

PART A: Online Form

PART B: Written Application Package


ONLINE FORM: Carson Graham Scholarship Application Form 2024​

  • Fill out all sections
  • All information will be kept confidential
  • SIN numbers are required to award the money
  • If you have questions, make sure you ask well ahead of the deadline

APPLICATION PACKAGE : Carson Scholarship Application Package 2024.docx

1.  Application Form - includes summary of volunteer, extra-curricular activities, awards & District/Authority Award info.
2.  Current photo
3.  Letter of Application
4.  Letter of Bursary Application

 Any misrepresentation will result in rejection of this application.

 Application Deadline: 3:15 PM, Friday February 9, 2024

 Return completed applications to Ms. McKay's office by the deadline.

No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.


​Carson Graham Secondary Scholarship Committee

Past Scholarships & Awards List

BC District / Authority Scholarships

There are 5500 District/Authority Scholarships distributed across school districts and independent school authorities that recognize graduating B.C. students for excellence in their chosen area of interest or strength. Winners receive a $1250 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition. 

Recipients must meet the basic eligibility requirements and meet criteria determined by the local scholarship committee, which requires a student to demonstrate outstanding achievement in any of the following areas: Indigenous Languages and Culture, Fine Arts, Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Physical Activity, International Languages, Community Service (Volunteer Activity), and Technical and Trades Training

Bowinn Ma MLA Social Justice Award

This scholarship donated by MLA Bowinn Ma is awarded to a graduating student who supports social justice and democratic ideas, has been involved in volunteer work in the community/school that aims to create progressive social change, and has overcome adversity or barriers to success

Buchanan Bowl Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating Senior football player who has shown leadership and dedication.

Carson Graham Faculty Commemorative Scholarships

These scholarships is awarded to a graduating student who has a successful school achievement record and has made a positive contribution to the school community. 

Carson Graham Music Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has a successful school achievement record and has made a positive contribution to the Carson Graham Music Program. 

Carson Graham PAC Scholarships - STEAM Awards

Recipients have a demonstrable leadership and passion in supporting school-based activities while maintaining a high academic standard in one of the following:

  1. Science – 1 award
  2. Math – 1 award
  3. Technology or Engineering (all of the various technology or engineering courses, such as foods, textiles, woodwork, etc) – 1 award
  4. Fine Arts – Visual (arts), Performance (music, dance, drama), Digital Arts, etc
  5. Humanities – languages, history, geography, and the like

     Recipients must have:
  1. Exemplary ongoing history of School Community Service since being at Carson
  2. 30+ hours of school-based service
  3. Excelled in one of the above 5 categories in which the candidate receives the award
  4. Have maintained β‰₯=86% overall average

    Carson Graham PAC Scholarships - School Spirit Awards 
    A non-academic award that recognizes recipients that contributed the most to building and supporting school spirit over the course of their attendance at Carson and who have demonstrable leadership and passion:
  1. in supporting and contributing to school-based activities.
  2. in supporting and/or participating in school sports (e.g. could be a team manager, student coach, athlete or supporter, etc). (This is not a personal achievement award in sports – e.g. most goals, valuable player, etc).


Carson Graham PAC Scholarships - Rob Watson Inspiration Award

Someone who:

  • inspires others to achieve more than what they think they can
  • is a mentor
  • freely gives themselves to help others
  • is caring about others that are around themselves
  • enjoys life
  • instills happiness in others

Carson Graham Principals' Commemorative Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has a successful school achievement record and has made a positive contribution to the school community. 

Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarship

These scholarships from the Canadian Federation of University Women are awarded to young women who have a successful school achievement record and have contributed to the school community. 

Colin Jones Memorial ESL Faculty Recognition Award

Mr. Colin Jones was a long-time staff member of Carson Graham whose sudden passing in January 2005 touched the lives of many in the Carson Graham community. In his memory, Colin's mother established this award.

These scholarships are awarded to ELL students who has shown excellent academic achievement and commitment to the Carson community.

Francis Laitin Scholarship

In 2006, Francis Laitin, a member of the Carson Graham Class of 2007, passed away. Francis was a familiar face at Larson Elementary and Carson Graham. Francis was a student who always faced challenges with a positive outlook.  He greeted others with a smile and was accepting of everyone and their differences. In his memory, his family and friends have established the Francis Laitin Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded to a student who has faced adversity with a positive attitude.

Howie Thompson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has a successful school achievement record and has made a positive contribution to the school community. 

Kiwanis Club of North Vancouver Scholarship

The Kiwanis Club of North Vancouver scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has a successful school achievement record and has made a positive contribution to the school community. 

Nancy Leith Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Leith was a Capilano Elementary and later, Carson Graham parent who devoted countless hours to the benefit of the school and the enrichment of the experiences of the students here. After her passing, the family and friends of Nancy established this award in her memory.

The Nancy Leith Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Capilano Elementary student who has selflessly contributed to the school community.

North Vancouver City Firefighters' Scholarship

The North Vancouver City Firefighters offer scholarships to one Female and one Male Grade 12 student who have demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

Commitment to Academic Success: Eligible recipient should be achieving academic success.  Academic success may include a high level of commitment and effort.

Athleticism: Eligible recipient should have an athletic background that demonstrates teamwork, work ethic and leadership.

Community Involvement: Eligible recipient will be evaluated on their community involvement including, but not limited to volunteer work, school citizenship and community focused experiences.

Career Goals: Eligible recipient will preferably be interested in a career that will make a positive difference in the community requiring teamwork, integrity and honesty

Financial Need: Financial Need should be taken into account when determining the eligible recipients.

North Vancouver High School Education Foundation (NVHSEF)

The North Vancouver High School Education Foundation is a foundation that awards scholarships and bursaries to graduating high school students across North Vancouver.  They award over $117,000 in scholarships each year in the following categories:

Academic Scholarships
Greg Quan Scholarship for Musical Excellence
Career Training Scholarships
Anthony Sedlak Career Training Scholarship for Culinary Excellence

North Vancouver School District International Students' Scholarship

The North Vancouver School District International Students' Scholarship is awarded to an international student who has demonstrated academic success, but equally important, is a good school citizen who embraces their opportunity as international learners.

North Vancouver Teachers' Association Scholarship

The NVTA offers one scholarship to a graduating student who is planning to enter a teacher education program, has shown academic success, and has demonstrated citizenship.

ONNI Support Fund Committee Bursary

The ONNI Support Fund Committee awards two grade 12 graduates, with above average scholastic achievement and excellent school citizenship and community involvement.

Rob Watson Memorial Scholarship

The Rob Watson Memorial Scholarship is given in honour of Carson Graham counsellor, academic advisor, and scholarship committee chair Robert Watson.  Mr. Watson was a champion of students who inspired others to achieve beyond what they thought possible. He was passionate about Carson Graham and contributed to the community in many ways over the years.  Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.  This scholarship is awarded to a student who has gone above and beyond with their commitment to the Carson Graham community.

​The Robert Prem Memorial Scholarship

This award is intended to recognize and encourage students of Carson Graham Secondary School who demonstrate qualities of passion, determination, inclusion, persistence and encouragement in their time at this school. Someone who brings these qualities into all aspects of their life and therefore has the potential to help make a difference in the growth and development of others and their community.

  • They enjoy what they do at work and at play.
  • They work through adversity and challenges.
  • They seldom give up.
  • They give guidance and support to others.

The recipient demonstrates the following qualities into all aspects of their life:

  • Passion - intense, driving emotion, conviction of feeling.
  • Determination - firmness of purpose; resolve.
  • Inclusion - the belief of including all to the best of their abilities.
  • Persistence - the quality of persisting; tenacity; continued effort.
  • Encouragement - the quality of supporting others.


Rotary Club of Lions Gate

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who is planning to pursue some form of post-secondary education in the following year who has overcome a significant physical, emotional, mental or social challenge.

Seanna and Nicole Strongman "All Rounder" Awards

This scholarship honors the memory of Seanna and Nicole Strongman, two North Vancouver girls whose lives were cut short tragically at the ages of 15 and 11.  This award recognizes students who show commitment and dedication in five different categories:

  1. Leadership,
  2. School Citizenship,
  3. Community Service,
  4. Involvement in Athletics and the Arts, and
  5. Academic Achievement.