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Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
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​​Clubs List for 2020-2021 

If you are interested in creating a club, please come see Mr Wong in the Main Office



Meeting Time 


Math Club 

Ms.  Dai

The math club is aiming at:

  1. helping students prepare for different Canadian contests;
  2. helping students develop or improve problem solving skills;
  3. cultivating students’ interest in learning math
  4. engaging students in mathematical thinking

The students will meet in D312 (Grade 8, up to 15 students) or MS Teams (Grade 9-12) every other Thursday. The meeting dates are as below:

Oct 15

Oct 29

Nov 12

Nov 26

Dec 10

Jan 7

Jan 21

Feb 4

Feb 18

Mar 4

Apr 1

Apr 15

Apr 29

Model UN 

Ms. Toliday

Club description: 

Model United Nations (MUN) is a great opportunity to improve your debating and public speaking skills. In Model UN, delegates choose a global issue that they are passionate…

Type of activities

* Building Research, Public Speaking, Debate, and Conflict Resolution skills.

* Participating in Model United Nations Conferences in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Meeting times:

Meeting times will be determined based on member availability. All information about meetings will be posted on the Microsoft Teams Group. 

To join:

Talk to our sponsor Ms. Tolliday to be added to the Microsoft teams, or look for posters around school with the teams join code on it. You can also email to join.

Boy’s Club 

Mr. Olson 

Wednesday, 3:15-4:30

The Boys Clubb network is a mentorship program for boys from ages 13 - 19 helping them define their own personal moral compasses and understand how they can proactively participate in the world as successful citizens. 

The club is for boys only and has been running for 17 years and 10 at Carson. Many of the topics are of personal nature. Due to covid mentors will be invited through Zoom. Live guests will be only invited once Covid protocol allows so. 

Group topics such as finaces, health, addiction, service, and citizenship.

Fashion and Sustainibility Club 

Ms De Beer

"At fashion club we strive to develop our personal expression and style while looking into making our wardrobes more environmentally sustainable. In Fashion club we will discuss the influences between fashion and: culture, the environment, movies and media, and ways to create outfits and clothing with minimal waste."

Meetings will be held Virtually on Wednesday evenings via Teams, with the potential of eventually moving to Wednesdays at lunch (depending on COVID restrictions and the number of members)

Please email Mrs. de Beer at, or message her on Teams to be added to the Fashion and Sustainability Club on Teams. 

Environmental Club

Mr Bond 

The Carson environmental club is a place for students to learn and take action on environmental issues. Our club focuses on a diverse range of climate initiatives from climate strikes to growing a pollinator-friendly garden. We are a group of passionate individuals and we hope to pave an eco-friendly future for Carson Graham. If you have any questions direct message @carson_climate on Instagram.

List of activities

  • Climate Advocacy and Activism 
    • Telling your climate story workshop
    • Sustainabiliteens
  • Environmental initiatives within the school and community
    • Phone case upcycling 
    • School Cleanups
    • School Garden 

Meeting times and dates

To be determined, based on member availability. Keep posted on the teams channel.

How to sign up

  • Talk to Mr. Bond 
  • DM @carson_climate on Instagram
  • Look for posters around the school with join codes

First Responders

Mr. J Wong 

We have started a Student Responders Team for the 2020-2021 school year. The First Responders Team consists of 14 grade 11-12 students who will be trained over the summer as professional First Responders. The students will be trained up to the standards of Medical First Responders as set by the guidelines of the Canadian Red Cross. The current team consist of 11 grade 12 students and 3 grade 11 students. Recruitment for the 2021-2022 team will start in the new year. 

The team will provide first aid coverage for the majority of the student population. Team members will also have the opportunity to provide first aid coverage for community events. Carson will be one of 18 schools in the Metro Vancouver region with a Student First Responders Team. Most schools are from the Richmond School District, the other schools on the North Shore are Handsworth, and Mulgrave. 

Students undergo between 40 to 60 hours of training, depending on if the students already have some previous training. Students receive Standard First Aid + CPR C training and additional First Responders training. 

The application process for the First Responders team began in February and will be open to all grade 10&11 students. 


Mr. Lo and Mr. J Wong 

The Esports Club is a safe space for students who interested in esports and gaming in general to connect and play together. While most of our activity are virtual, we will have some in person meet ups. Any in person activity will have all appropriate COVID safety measures. 


Ms Bowcott


Ms Robb

Ms Weyell

Jack Chapters are groups of young people working year-round to dismantle stigma and empower each other in changing the way our community talks about mental health. 

Carson Graham’s chapter of jack.orgempowers young leaders to revolutionize mental health, dismanting barriers in their schools and communities. We're working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other; a Canada without shame, where all those who need support get the help they deserve. Our movement is powered by tens of thousands of advocates and allies across every province and territory of Canada. We're just getting started. If you want to be a part of the change, join our teams:  TEAMS??

Interact Club 

Mr Bjornson 

The Carson Graham Interact Club provides opportunities for students to get involved with their community and provide service to those in need while making a great personal foundation for their own leadership, organization, and collaboration skills. We have hosted events in the past to raise money for the eradication of polio, the “Eyeglasses Drive” to provide the less fortunate with proper eyewear, and also the “Backpack Drive” to provide those in need with canned goods, warm clothing, and personal items. While these initiatives sound great, they can also be quite significant and make a great difference in our community; we must not forget that a great deal of organization, planning, management, and sheer hard work goes in the process of making anything possible. The Interact Club will provide you with an abundance of experience while you work with peers in organizing events, which may look slightly different in comparison to previous years, but will still make all the difference in the community, especially for people who are struggling with social issues and the current global pandemic. This club will also be a great opportunity for you to score service hours in the meetings, and also during the execution of initiatives. The Interact club’s doors will always be open to those who wish to make a difference in their community, while also obtaining and developing a variety of handy skills. And finally, remember that one person can always make a difference in the world if they just set their mind to it.


Ms Hornstein

W.I.N.G.S (We Inspire New Generations of Students)

W.I.N.G.S is a club that aims to bring together and inspire new generations of students to spread their “wings†through a variety of social events and initiatives. The club focuses on building a positive and welcoming Carson community for new, international and elementary school students. 

If you are interested in joining the club or wish to find out more contact us at and check out the link:!

Spanish Club 

Ms Roche 

Wednesday in D203

It's a lunch-hour fiesta! Come and practise your Spanish with native and non-native speakers alike. Listen to the latest music from the Spanish-speaking world, watch some Netflix shows and just hang out and chat with us.   

Robotics Club 

Mr Olson 

Tuesday in E201

The robotics club will run on Tuesday after school from 3 – 4 . A maximum of 15 students will be allowed to attend the club at a specific time due to Covid protocols. 

Students who are interested in joining can contact Mr. Olson at

Or come by room E201 

Business Club 

Mr Bjornson 

US Club 

Ms Fitzgibbons

Carson Graham Remote Control Cars Club

Mr. Dawson

Thursdays 3:30-5:00

If you like remote control cars (driving, learning tricks, repairing them or designing tracks and features) this a club for you! If you don't know it already, you will develop a in depth understanding of the different parts of a car and how the different designs affect performance. You will learn how to use tools to service and repair the cars to keep them in optimal shape. We will also discuss and agree on how to keep other drivers and public safe. Do you have a remote control car? Big? Small? it does not matter, bring it to the club. We will meet rain or shine, everybody is welcome!

Marketing Club

Ms Bowcott

The Marketing Team is all about helping student leaders promote their initiatives and events through making posters, announcements and much more. With close relations to the Public library and Foundry, the Marketing Team is able to help promote events across North van as well. Join their team and learn about promotions and the creation of digital media.  Contact Ms Bowcott if you would like to join!​