Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District

Carson Graham Logo High Res.jpg 

The Carson Graham Athletic Philosophy is built

upon the premise that staff at Carson Graham

Secondary recognize the role high school athletics plays

in a student’s education. Student-Athletes who take part

in Carson Graham Athletics will develop the qualities

necessary for competition and contribute to community

citizenship. Our Student-Athletes are expected to

demonstrate leadership, team work, discipline and hard

work throughout their time in our program. Graduating

Student-Athletes will have exemplified the Carson

Graham School Community through their character and


     As a high school athletics program, we value and

prioritize academic commitment. We will work as a staff

with Student-Athletes to ensure that they attend class

and not only work to maintain academic standards

throughout the season of play but all throughout the

year as well. Additionally, students will balance other

extra-curricular interests to create well rounded

individuals that appreciate athletics, academics, service

and the arts. 

     As coaches, we encourage all of our athletes to

participate in multiple sports to gain the benefits of

each unique program. This cultivates competitive, open-

minded Student-Athletes who can learn from multiple

coaches and understand the value that each has to offer.

Coaches will be in continual communication to ensure a

cohesive and unified athletic program that places

students first and allows them the chance to grow as

integral members of the North Shore Community.

We believe that students and coaches will be able

to build a relationships that will lead to excellence in

competition and success in life.