École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Awards - Windsor


Windsor Excellence Award

Since 1961, Excellence Award recipients are the individuals who have stood out by exhibiting scholastic achievement, service, citizenship and participation in athletics and/or the visual and performing arts.  This is the highest award offered at Windsor and is honoured at each level to students who exhibit excellence in academics, the arts and/or athletics, service, and citizenship.  This Award is determined by Windsor's Awards Committee, and is given in Grades 8-12.

Windsor Honours Certificate

Students in Grade 10 and 11 who, averaging the final marks of courses completed the previous year, rank in the top 10% of their class.   The marks averaged are Windsor or NVSD courses only.


Windsor Gold Cord

Students will receive a Gold Cord to wear during their Graduation Ceremony if they are in the top 10% of their Grade 12 year.  Calculation includes Final Marks of Windsor and NVSD courses from Semester 1 and Mid-Term Marks from Semester 2 in their Grade 12 year.


Outstanding Learner Certificate

Outstanding Learner Certificates are awarded based on the attributes of recognizing and celebrating learning.  Students are nominated by classroom teachers at the end of each semester.  Certificates will be printed with the attribute of learning that was recognized. 

Students receiving an Outstanding Learner Award should meet some of the criteria listed below: 

Work Habits: Engaged in learning, excellent work habits, accountable, independent, has a growth mindset, seeks improvement, demonstrates growth, adaptive

Citizenship: Shows leadership within the context of learning, positive attitude, encourages others, shows integrity, takes initiative, good communication, ethical 

Curiosity: Creative thinker, questions things, is inquisitive to extend their learning, makes connections

Academic Achievement: Extends, motivated to seek new challenges with their learning, goes beyond to pursue learning, achievement

Problem Solving: Resilient, risk taker, adaptive, shows growth and progress, intrinsic motivation


French Immersion Excellence Award

  • Students who demonstrate a passion for French language and culture
  • Regularly use French in all their French Immersion courses
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities such as respect and support for other students
  • Demonstrate ongoing dedication to their French studies including a will to improve their language skills
  • One student per grade is chosen by the French Immersion department


International Math Contest Certificates and Medals

The Centre for Math and Computing at the University of Waterloo runs grade level math contests every year including the Grade 9 Pascal, Grade 10 Cayley, Grade 11 Fermat and Grade 12 Euclid contests.

  • Students who score within the top 25% of all contestants worldwide receive a certificate
  • Windsor recognizes the student with the top score at each level in our school


English Book Award

The English Book Award is offered annually to an outstanding student enrolled in English 12. Recipients continuously demonstrate diligence, a keen interest in literature, and a pursuit of academic excellence.  Students are nominated by English 12 teachers.


Senior Science Award

For over 25 years, the Windsor Science Department has awarded the Windsor Senior Science Award to the individual who has earned the highest average while taking the greatest number of senior (Grade 11 & 12) science courses offered at Windsor.  


Windsor Service Awards

Hours are cumulative throughout a students' time here at Windsor.

Service Certificate: 30-99 hours​

Bronze Medal: 100-199 hours

Silver Medal: 200-299 hours

Gold Medal: 300-399 hours


Bronze Plaque: 400-499 hours

Silver Plaque: 500-599 hours

Gold Plaque: 600-699 hours

Platinum Plaque: 700+ hours


Windsor Athletics Awards

  • Athlete of the Year and Team Awards
  • Recognition of North Shore, Sea to Sky, and Provincial winners


The above awards are recognized at the Awards Assembly at Windsor in June of each year.  Windsor Scholarships or other Grade 12 Graduation Awards determined by the Scholarship Committee are awarded at the Graduation Ceremony.