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Science 8 publishes Epidemiology Journal

July 03, 2019

Science 8 students in Mr. Houlton’s class this year had their epidemic research projects collated into a self-published science journal which now resides in the Windsor library. The project allowed students to personalize their learning by researching an epidemic of their choice and communicate that learning in the format of an academic publication. Some quintessentially eighth grade topics were chosen on the basis of shock value, such as Laura Volkamer’s analysis of the chlamydia epidemic in Australia’s koala population. Others chose topics with a personal connection, such as Alexi Novik’s reflection on the SARS pandemic in which he was able to reference the genomic research performed by his own mother during the outbreak. The journal featured heavily in the students’ year-end learning portfolios and presentations as an artifact supporting their completion of the course’s learning outcomes. Congratulations to everyone involved with the project!

Journal of Epidemiology1.jpg