Upper Lynn Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Borrowing Policies

Students are encouraged to take a book of interest during their weekly library times.  Please discuss with your child your expectations of which books they should be taking.  Young Adult books are saved for the grade 6 and 7 students.  Younger children may take these books with parental permission.

​Books may be checked out one at a time until 4 books are checked out.  Once a student has 4 books they are not able to check out any more books until they return a book.

Books are borrowed for 2 weeks and can be returned on any day, not just on the class' library day.​


​​Lost Books

​​​Books get lost; it happens!  If you cannot find a book contact Mrs. Slykerman (Teacher Librarian) at sslykerman@sd44.ca.  Don't panic!  They usually show up!

Damaged books

​If a library book ​is damaged beyond repair, contact Mrs. Slykerman (Teacher Librarian) at sslykerman@sd44.ca to arrange a ​replacement or payment.​