Upper Lynn Elementary
North Vancouver School District


Among the significant roles of a school board is the development of clear policies to guide the operation of the School District. In the North Vancouver School District, policies are established under nine main headings, namely:
100 Governance and Foundations
200 Instructional Programs and Services
300 Student Conduct and Welfare
400 Parent and Community Relations
500 Human Resources
600 Organization and Management
700 Financial Management
800 Facilities and Equipment
900 Board Bylaws
The Superintendent of Schools, to whom the School Board assigns responsibility for the implementation of its policies, develops administrative regulations. In the North Vancouver School District, administrative regulations are written to accompany policies.
The policy classification system in the North Vancouver School District is simple and expandable/retractable and intended to permit easy access by the public and employees. Each of the nine headings contain specific policies, numbered 101, 102, etc. Each policy includes a rationale or reason for the policy, and each policy is accompanied by administrative procedures written to support the policy. ​

For Policies and Procedures, please see the North Vancouver School District site or click HERE.