Upper Lynn Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Information:​

​​1. What is the daily bell schedule? 

8:51 am                  Welcome Bell

8:56 am                  Session #1

10:20 am                Recess Bell *

10:40 am                Session #2

12:00 pm                Play First Bell*

12:30 pm               â€‹â€‹â€‹ Lunch Bell - students back to class to eat lunch.

12:50 pm.               Session #3

3:00 pm                 Dismissal              

*Students are expected to go outside, so please ensure your children are dressed appropriately for weather.

2. Absence Voice-Mail Call In: 

Parents are requested to notify the school at any time prior to their child being late or absent.  If your child will be away in the afternoon, we request prior notice by  12:47 pm.  The absence number is 604-903-3822, and you may leave a message 24 hours a day.  If the school does not receive a call, a staff member will be contacting the parents or emergency contacts to confirm the student's whereabouts.

3. When should I keep my sick child home from school? 

When you're not sure if your child is well enough to attend school the following guidelines from Vancouver Coastal Health may be helpful:

1.  The protection of other children.

2.  The protection of your child.  Their recovery could be delayed; also they are more likely to acquire other illnesses as their resistance is reduced.

3.  The ability of your child to function at school.

4.  The inability of the school to look after your child.

Please keep your child home if he or she:

  1. ​Has a suspected or known communicable disease (ie:  mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox).
  2. Keep them home until they are no longer infectious.
  3. Has a fever.Is too sick to participate in normal school activities.
  4. Has symptoms such as a persistent cough, constant runny nose, etc.
If these symptoms do not clear up within a reasonable time, please seek medical assistance.

Vancouver Coastal Health's website address:  http://www.vch.ca/
Health BC:  http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/​

4. Volunteer Sign-In & ID Badges: 

To be able to volunteer at the school you must fill in a Volunteer Application Form found in the main office. For certain volunteer positions, you will be requested to complete a criminal records check.

We ask that parent helpers and other visitors to the school during the school day check in at the office to pick up their visitor badges.  If you are not wearing a badge and a staff member sees you and does not know you, they are instructed to approach you regarding your business at the school. 

 5. Inside & Outside Days: 

All students are expected to be outside everyday at recess regardless of the weather for fresh air.  There are covered areas, so students don't need to go out in the rain.  In cases of very wet weather, students will be advised they can stay inside in their classrooms at lunch if they are playing and working quietly.  A change of clothes is requested for each child.

 6. Dismissal: 

All Kindergarten students will be dismissed directly to a parent or other guardian.  Students in grade 1 - 7 will be dismissed from their classrooms, so parents are advised to designate a meeting spot outside with their children in these grades if they are being picked up, which helps with the congestion in the hallways, as well as encouraging your child's independence.

 7. Traffic Safety:  

Please drop your child(ren) off a little bit away from the school, or even better, we encourage walking to school.  Please do not park or stop contrary to posted traffic regulations.  The staff parking lot is for staff only, and not to be used for student drop-off or pick-up before or after school.


8. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters may be ridden to and from school for transportation only.  Areas around the perimeter of the school are out-of-bounds except for arriving and departing.

 9. Personal Belongings: 

The North Vancouver School District is unable to insure any and all personal property owned by students such as musical instruments, calculators, computers and cell phones, so students should refrain from bringing valuable items to school.

 10. Supervision of Students:  

Please be aware that the school does not provide supervision for students before 8:51 am, or after 3:00 pm UNLESS students are involved in prearranged activities with staff members.  Also, we do not permit students to leave the school grounds during the day unless parents have contacted us by note or phone call.  For students who go home for lunch on a regular basis, a note or call is also required to be kept on file.

 11. Mobile Devices:

We recognize students are ofter required to carry a mobile device. These are to be turned off and stored in a safe location from the hours of 8:30 to 3:00 unless under the direct supervision of an adult. If a student requires the use of a phone, they may use the one in the office.