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North Vancouver School District
Social Emotional Learning


Erase Bullying


Bullying isn’t just a child’s issue; it’s a school and community issue, and must be addressed with a school and community solution. Everyone has a role to play in supporting students and preventing incidents like bullying.

 Erase Bullying Website.  EraseBullying_Graphic updated link_1sB6.pdfEraseBullying_Graphic updated link_1sB6.pdf

Healthy Schools BC

Find out more about active living, healthy eating, healthy relationships, and healthy practices on the Healthy Schools BC website.


Big Sisters

Big Sisters has both a mentoring program and tutoring program that matches girls with a female volunteer  who offers them one-to-one friendship or educational guidance.  For more information please visit their website HERE.

North Shore Health Manual

This North Shore School Health Manual outlines the services public health provides to schools and includes access information and resources for schools and parents. Please click HERE for more information.

Head Lice Information

To find out more about how to manage head lice, please click Head Lice Treatment.pdfHead Lice Treatment.pdf.