Seymour Heights Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Leadership


We have Lunch Monitors in our Primary Classrooms during the eating portion of our lunchhour.  These monitors play a very important role in our school day.


Safety Patrollers are also very important to our school.  The Patrollers help our school at the crosswalk between 3:00 - 3:15 pm every school

This year we have another wonderful group of student volunteers who are part of our safety patrol team.  Many of them are returning students who now serve as team captain.

Please keep a watch out for our safety patrollers and drive safely at all times.  It is important that you are a positive role model; therefore, please use the crosswalk and have your child(ren) use the crosswalk.  Do not call for your child(ren) to run across Carnation Street.  This is extremely dangerous, and could render a fine. 

A few extra seconds of time and care can avoid regrettable accidents; especially with the wetter and darker skies ahead.