Seymour Heights Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Code of Conduct




 Seymour Heights Elementary School’s Code of Conduct is intended to provide a basic framework, common expectations and common understanding for staff, parents and students.  It is our intention to maintain a safe, caring, orderly environment for our students.  In short, our Code of Conduct is:


  Take Care of Myself

  Take Care of Others

  Take care of this Place

Ultimately, our Code of Conduct is based on the premise that we care about Seymour Heights Elementary.  We take care of ourselves by learning and practicing self-regulation.  We take care of others by learning about social responsibility.  We take care of this place by doing our part to make this school beautiful and take care of the environment.


A student must not publish, issue or display, or cause to be pulished, issued or displayed, any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other presentation that

a)  indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate against a student or a group or class of students, or

b)  is likely to expose a student or a group or class of students to hatred or contempt

because of the race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or age of that student or that group or class of students.

This does not apply to a private communication, a communication intended to be private or a communication related to an activity otherwise permitted by this Code.


A student must not, without a bona fide and resonable justiciation,

a)  deny to a student or class of students any accommodation, service or facility customarily available to the public, or

b)  discriminate against a student or class of students regarding any accommodation, service or facility customarily available to the public

because of the race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or age of that student or class of students.


A student does not contravene this section by discriminating

a)  on the basis of sex, if the discrimination relates to the maintenace of public decency or to the determination of premiums or benefits under contracts of like or health insurance, or

b)  on the basis of physical or mental disability or age, if the discrimination relates to the determination of premiums or benefits under contracts of like or health insurance.

Students shall not discriminate against others on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability or for any other reason set out in the Human Rights Code of British Columbia.  

No student shall publish or display anything that would indicate an intention to discriminate against another, or expose them to contempt or ridicule on the basis of any such grounds.


Take Care of Myself

       report unsafe or mean behaviour to staff immediately

       walk away from dangerous situations and report to staff

       cooperation on “first ask” when asked to do something by staff

       take responsibility for your own actions and be honest

       walk in the middle of hallways to avoid collision with doors and other students; please make space for others

       wear appropriate clothing and footwear for indoor and outdoor activities

       act safely at all times

       do your best to make healthy food choices and bring a nutritious lunch

       express emotions appropriately and use self-regulation strategies

       find opportunities to take a leadership role

       use the crosswalk

       stay “in bounds” of school yar


Take Care of Others                                      

       bring constructive toys and not destructive toys (no pretend guns, weapons or firearms)

       act and speak respectfully to and about staff and other students at school, extra-curricular events

         (field trips, tournaments etc) and on social media

       ask before using something that does not belong to you

       treat borrowed items as your own and return them when finished

       use kind words with staff and students; please do not draw inappropriate things, write or utter threats to hurt people

       open the classroom doors slowly, so you don’t hit anyone as they walk by

       respect the learning of others (quiet working voices in the hallways and move silently through the hallways)

       walk in hallways and hold equipment (ex: do not bounce balls in hallways)

       accept and celebrate differences, all student should be proud of their unique heritage and identity

       listen to others with care and respect

       cooperate and solve problems together

       repair relationships when we have acted without care (RAP) “I take responsibility for my actions,

          I am sorry, I promise not to do it again.” (responsibility, apologize, promise)

       respect other student’s personal space

       return all found items (equipment, jackets etc.) to lost and found

       fair does not mean “everyone gets the same thing”; everyone needs different things and we respect differences

        when someone else’s behaviour is bothering us, we request them to stop (“please stop”)


 Take care of this Place

       leave school areas tidier than you found it

       put away equipment and supplies

       tuck chairs back under tables and desks, especially in hallways

       respect the public and shared space of the bathrooms; no graffiti or hate messages

       put garbage and recyclables in the appropriate container (recycling, garbage can etc)

       pick up garbage and clean up - even if you didn’t do it

       participate in classroom, school, parent and community activities

Staff and students at Seymour Heights Elementary take a problem solving approach to solving behaviour issues.  Students are encouraged and supported to solve problems in responsible and respectful ways.  The staff will work with all those involved in the problem to ensure understanding, empathy, and appropriate solutions are in place and enacted.  Parents and Guardians are encouraged to participate in problem solving with their children and to communicate with the Seymour Heights staff regarding on-going concerns.

In accordance with the British Columbia School Act, the North Vancouver Board authorizes the principal to suspend a student if the student is wilfully disobedient, the behaviour of the student is harmful to others, threatens the safety of others and if students vandalize the school or personal property.

We appreciate and value our students with special needs.  We consider differences and ability to comply with our code of conduct due to a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature.