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École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
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Athletic Director: Alex Kelsch,

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Meet Some of our Coaches/Sponsors

A group of our  Leadership 11 students interviewed some of our staff sponsors and coaches and created some small write-ups. Check them out below!


Mr. Perrin (Rugby Coach and Sponsor, all Boy's teams)

Mr. Perrin graduated from McGill in Québec and UBC in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Education. In university he played rugby, but currently plays soccer and hockey. Mr. Perrin's favourite TV show is Game of Thrones. His favourite colour is blue.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Mr. Perrin graduated locally from Handsworth!



Mr. Rath (Sponsors and Coaches Boys and Girls Soccer, Sponsors SR Boys Basketball and Cheer)

Darren Rath graduated from Capilano University and The University of Alberta. He has played soccer, rugby, golf, basketball, hockey, cross country, and Track and Field. He went into teaching because he wanted to make a positive difference in young athlete's lives and help students progress to the next level. His favorite sports team is Chelsea (in the EPL).

Fun facts: Mr. Rath has a lot of fun facts about him but likes to keep it secret. Talk to Mr. Rath to find out!


Mr. Lockless (Sponsors Bantam Girls Volleyball and JR Boys Basketball, Runs the Grade 11 Leadership Program whose students coach and assist with many teams)

Bryan Lockless graduated from UBC. He enjoys basketball, football, mountain biking, golf, squash, skiing, and snowboarding. He first became interested in teaching because of his 10th grade basketball coaching internship which really influenced him. Bryan has coached and sponsored Basketball for over 10 years at Argyle. He likes the colour blue and TV show Ozark. His favourite sports teams are the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Raptors.

Fun Facts: He has lived in Whistler for 4 years after high school and teaches with his younger brother "Mr. Perrin"


Ms. Avefjall (Sponsors Juvenile Volleyball, JR Girls Basketball, and Track and Field)

Ms. Avefjall graduated from UBC. She likes playing Softball, the TV show Grey's Anatomy and her favourite colour is teal. She fell in love with teaching when she was in grade 11 as a leadership student.

Fun Facts: She graduated with Mr. Kelsch and has a fraternal twin!


Ms. Sigurdsson (Sponsors SR. Girls Volleyball, and SR Ultimate)

Ms. Sigurdsson graduated locally from UBC in Vancouver. She played field hockey and now likes to hike. She became a teacher because she wanted to help young students and make a difference in the world. Ms. Sigurdsson favourite team is Argyle's Senior Girls Volleyball.

Fun Fact: Ms. Sigurdsson has a Westie cross named Mac.


Ms. Klausen (Sponsor of Bantam Girls Volleyball, Coach/Sponsor of the Wrestling Team)

Ms. Klausen graduated from University of Calgary. She played basketball in high school, but played Rugby and Wrestled in University, and now is an avid runner. She went into teaching because she loved teaching undergrads and didn't want to do professional science. She likes to watch nerdy TV shows and loves the colour blue. 


Mr. Crowley (Sponsor and Coach for the Cross Country Team)

John Crowley went to UBC and Berkeley. He played basketball throughout university and enjoys running, playing rugby, skiing, and mountain biking. His favourite sports teams include the BC Lions and the Phoenix Suns.  In university, he was a TA in a chemistry class and realized that he preferred teaching other people how to do their work rather than doing his own. In his free time he likes to watch the show Ozark and spend time with his awesome dog adopted off the streets of Taiwan.

Fun Fact: Mr. Crowley holds a North Shore track and field record for the Junior Boys 3000 metre, with a time of nine minutes and two seconds. He is hoping nobody breaks it anytime soon.


Mr. Cheng (Coach of SR. Girls Volleyball Team)

Corey Cheng studied Biology at UBC but decided to pursue a career in teaching Science because he cares about the environment and he wanted to raise awareness about the issues surrounding it. He played volleyball during high school, and continues to play volleyball today along with practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and running. Mr. Cheng played club volleyball for six years and this is his 3rd year coaching the SR Girls team at Argyle. He has also coached the juvenile boys in the past.

Fun Facts: His favourite colour is green and he wants to get a Corgi. (Who doesn't?)


Ms. Purvis (Sponsor of Bantam Girls Volleyball)

Holly Purvis studied Science at Simon Fraser University.  She doesn't participate in any activities currently, but she used to compete in swimming during high school. She teaches because she likes to help students. Ms. Purvis enjoys watching the Swedish show Wallander. She is a fan of the San Francisco Giants. She used to be a supporter of the Canucks, but after the Sedin's left she lost interest.


Ms. Robinson (Sponsor and Coach of Bantam Rugby, Girls Rugby, and Wrestling)

Melissa Robinson attended SFU and graduated with her teaching degree at UVic. She likes to play rugby, softball, soccer, ringette, and wrestling. She always wanted to be a teacher because she enjoys working with people and she liked the other aspects of working with high school students apart from teaching. Her favourite sports team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. In her free time she likes to watch Grey's Anatomy and her favourite colour is yellow.

Fun Facts: She has played Rugby on every continent except South America.


Ms.  Langlois (Sponsor of Bantam Girls Volleyball)

Ms. Langlois went to Carlton and UBC, and studied journalism and French. She enjoys volleyball, skiing and hiking. She started teaching because she wanted to use French more everyday. Her favourite show is Toute une Histoire and her favourite colour is blue.

Fun Fact: Her mom is from Amsterdam and her dad is from Tunisia. They both met in Australia, and Ms Langlois was born in Paris.