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École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Attendance Matters: Why is attendance so important? Does it really matter if my teen misses a few days or a few classes of school?

Attendance Reporting Procedures 
  1. Email (preferred)
  2. Attendance Line: 604-903-3314

When reporting Absences:

  • You may report an absence anytime that day up to 3:00 p.m., in advance for a future date if you know ahead of time, or for previous dates that were missed.
  • Only messages from parents and legal guardians are accepted.

Format when reporting an absence:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of absence (whole day or state the portion of the day)
  • Explanation for absence (“excused”, “ill”, “appointment”, “vacation”). It is critical that student absence explanations are specific to ensure accurate reporting to the School District and Public Health Unit.
  • Your name & relation to the student. (Only messages from parents and legal guardians are accepted.) 

* It is not necessary to provide your telephone number, as it is in our system already. (Note it is not necessary to repeat the information).

What to do if you receive a phone call:

To see details, including the class and period of absence, please log in to the Parent Portal. On the left you will find the 'Recent Activity' box. Uncheck the 'Grades' button and you will see the attendance listed for your child.

Note: the "Recent Activity" Widget on the home page is temporarily disabled. In the meantime, if you would like to view your child's daily attendance, go to the Family top tab, select the student name, then go to the Daily Attendance side tab. To view class attendance for the day, parents/guardians need to go to the Family top tab, select the student name, then click the icon at the top next to the student name. Please note, this only works on the day of absence.

If your child says they were in class, they must speak with the teacher who marked them away. Please note: only that teacher can verify and change the attendance if they were in class. 

Leaving school once classes have begun

If a student is leaving the school for any reason, parental permission is required and they must sign in and/or out at the office that day.  If the absence is planned, please send your child with a note giving them permission to leave the school.

Only call the Callback Line (604-903-3314) if you are excusing a student. Thank you for your cooperation!​