École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
School Clubs

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2018-2019 Clubs

Jack.org Chapter (formerly Caring Club)
​Ms. Sigurdsson
Thurs @ lunch - room 429

​Students' Council
​Mr. Boljuncic/Ms. Avefjall
Wed @ lunch - room 409
​Grad Council
​Ms. Sigurdsson/Ms. Warland
​Mon @ lunch - room 208
​The Table Top Club (board games & RPG's)
​Ms. Klausen
​Wed 3:00 - 5:30 - room 414
​Knitting Club
​Mme Gauthier
  • ​mainly learn how to knit
  • independent work
  • provide an opportunity to get to know different people
  • create community blankets
​Thurs @ lunch - room 406
​Wish Youth Network Society
​Ms. Klausen
  • ​mainly coming up with different fundraising ideas
  • sell food and drinks to students to raise money
  • all proceeds go to Lions Gate Hospital for people in need of monetary support for medical-related injuries (i.e. surgeries)
​Mon @ lunch - room 414
​Schools for Africa
​Mr. Winter
  • ​raising money for charities
  • selling food (i.e. bake sale) at lunch for fundraising
​Wed @ lunch - room 101
​Book Club
​Ms. Black/Mrs. Cargill
​Fri @ lunch - library quiet room
​CFC - Club for Christ
​Ms. Almeida
​Tues/Wed day 2 - room 210
​Model UN
​Mr. Boljuncic
  • ​discuss different topics
  • members participate in debates
​Tues @ lunch - room 409
​Philosophy Club
​Mr. Stibbards
  • ​discuss a lot of philosophical questions
  • discuss variety of different scenarios and decision making
  • learning about yourself
  • expressing yourself and sharing opinions
  • new members are welcome
Thurs @ lunch - room 102
​Physics Club
​Mr. Johnson
  • ​members discuss rules of physics
  • work together to solve different problems
  • get to compete in the UBC Physics Olympics
​Wed @ lunch - room 521
​GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)
​Ms. Reid
  • ​host pride week
  • discuss topics such as appropriate terms
  • raising awareness
​Fri @ lunch - room 520
​Best Buddies
​Ms. Blewman
​Starts in January
​Environment Club
​Mr. Cheng
  • ​discuss current issues
  • plan events to raise awareness about the severity of climate change
  • inclusive
  • goal is to raise awareness about current climate issues while providing people with ways to help the cause
​Tues @ lunch - room 101