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École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Learning Assistance Centre
Learning Assistance is a program that assists students with three areas of their education 
  1. Organization such as keeping track of homework, organizing binders, time management and prioritizing assignments.
  2. Learning Styles and how they apply to studying, picking types of projects and applying new knowledge to skills already mastered.
  3. Remedial Skills and extra teaching for academic courses such as math, science, socials, English and other languages.
Students gain access to LAC through referral from the school-based resource team. At Grade Eight , students replace either French or an Explore course with LAC. Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with the LAC teacher in order to keep in contact with the school.
Assessment and Evaluation
Students complete assignments on organization, time management, methods of note-taking and different assignment formats as well as some remedial work if it is needed. As Learning Assistance is an individually based curriculum, different students will work on different areas to a degree.  Students are encouraged to bring in assignments from other classes to use to practice such things as test-taking strategies, time-management, how to break down a larger assignment, and how choose an assignment to fit the students learning style.  Students are expected to use their time wisely and well in the LAC.
Generally marks will break down in this fashion:
Planning to Plan
    Maintain an Agenda
    Keep binders organized
    Demonstrate work readiness
    Use time-management techniques
    Use time in class wisely (30%)
Building a Repertoire
    Develop necessary vocabulary
    Set realistic goals
    Asses learning styles and tools that go with those styles
    Develop competent writing skills
    Develop competent math skills
    Develop the ability to work independently and in groups  40%
Study Skills
    Gather information for tests
    Study effectively
    Create study tools
    Use study tools
    Utilize test-taking strategies during tests
    Plan for review
    Demonstrate understanding of "the forgetting curve" (30%)