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École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Code of Conduct
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Argyle Code of Conduct

Argyle Excellence

The acceptable expectations for student conduct at Argyle are summarized in the following Argyle Excellence visual.  We ask students to strive towards Argyle Excellence in the areas of attendance, citizenship, and learning.

Excellence in ATTENDANCE means:
  • Attending all classes
  • Following proper procedures when absent for an excused reason
  • Being on time and prepared for all classes
  • Being responsible to see their teacher(s) when absent for all or part of any class
  • Being attentive and ready to learn in all classes

Excellence in CITIZENSHIP means:
  • Treating all staff, students, community members, and neighbours with respect
  • Helping to sustain a safe school environment for yourself and others
  • Following all school and class rules, policies and expectations that detail student conduct and complying promptly with any Argyle staff member's reasonable requests
  • Being honest, considerate, and caring of others at all times
  • Using language free of profanity, hatred and/or discrimination
  • Informing an adult when incidents of bullying, harassment or safety are impacting oneself or others within our community
  • Respecting all public and personal property
  • Promoting a Green environment by recycling and maintaining a clean school and community
  • Complying with all local Bylaws, Provincial, and Federal laws

Excellence in LEARNING means:

  • Being prepared to learn with all required materials for each class
  • Using organizational skills to plan for and complete all school work
  • Having a positive attitude and curiosity towards learning
  • Consistently trying one's best to practice good work habits and trying to learn
  • Actively engaging in purposeful learning in all classroom activities and lessons
  • Completing assigned schoolwork effectively and on time
  • Always producing your own quality work and not cheating or plagiarizing work
  • Using mobile devices to enhance learning when teacher gives explicit and prior permission