École Cleveland Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Dress Code / Code Vestimentaire

Guidelines for Appropriate Dress

 In the interests of all students feeling safe, welcome, and free to work in an atmosphere conducive to learning, Cleveland School has implemented guidelines that identify what the staff, students, and parents feel are appropriate clothing choices for our educational environment. 

 The school feels the guidelines are reasonable and based on generally accepted standards of the school community and the community at large. 


In the interests of:


  1. providing an atmosphere conducive to work and study,
  2. limiting distractions to successful participation in an educational program,
  3. embracing 'common sense' clothing standards,
  4. concern for the comfort, safety, and sense of modesty of our students,

    We would like to create the best learning environment for Cleveland students, therefore the following clothing and dress guidelines have been established as the standards for all staff and students:

    1. Hats and hoods are for wearing outside, (barring religious exemptions)
    2. Undergarments shall not be visible,
    3. Bare midriff, low cut clothing, and very short skirts or shorts shall be
       kept to an acceptable level,
    4. Clothing will have no offensive language, images, or acronyms,
    5. Clothing will not have drug, violence, racist, or sexist related messages,
    6. 'Beach' type clothing shall not be worn, except in special circumstances.

    7. School staff and administration, with parental consultation if possible, will make a decision whether clothing is in violation of these guidelines, and require the individual to change an offending article of clothing, cover it with another piece of clothing, or to go home and change the clothing before being permitted to return to school.


The guiding principle of the guidelines is that the school has a mandate to ensure that the working and learning environment is safe, orderly, and conducive to learning.  We want to ensure the highest quality learning environment for all students.