École Cleveland Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Placement Process

In May and June of each year, we begin the process of planning for the next school year. Plans are tentative, as enrolment can change over the next few months which necessitates the need for flexibility in our planning. The process of assigning students to classes will be happening in June, but will not be finalized until September of the new school year.


Our class placement process ensures that thoughtful consideration of each child’s social, emotional and academic needs is aligned with the need to create balanced and effective learning environments. The assignment of students to classes is decided by a team, which includes the School Based Resource Team, a child’s current teacher, non-enrolling teachers, support staff and the administrators. This professional team considers each placement carefully as they create classes that include a wide range of students who learn in a variety of ways.


In addition to individual circumstances, criteria considered in the placement process include:


1. Workable instructional groups considering:

  • the child’s academic needs and strengths;
  • teaching and learning styles;
  • the child’s work habits.


2. Positive social groups considering:

  • placements where a child can work positively and productively with other children in the class;
  • peer support or conflicts;
  • establishing the presence of positive leaders in each class;


3. Balanced classes considering:

  • gender (male/female)
  • students with Special Needs
  • students who are learning English as a Second Language
  • social, emotional and academic needs and abilities
  • leadership abilities


4. Other Information considered:

  • School-Based Resource Team recommendations


If there is information that the current classroom teacher and/or the principal does not have and should consider when placing your child, parents may wish to write a letter outlining those issues.

Please submit any letters to Mr. Beveridge no later than the end of the first week of June of each year (a specific date will be published each year). Letters received after the published date will not be considered for student placement for the next school year.

Please consider the placement criteria referenced above when describing your child’s needs. Please describe a learning environment that may suit your child’s learning style/needs (social, emotional and/or academic). If you are requesting placements that involve other students (one or two at most) please think carefully before making your request and provide an explanation for that request. Please focus on the needs of your child. The information that you provide in your information sheet will be given to the team of professionals described above, to be used along with the criteria listed above in the placement of your child. Please note that it may not be possible to meet all requests as classes are determined. Teacher assignments are tentative and subject to change, along with enrolment and school organization changes.



Please note that no letters will be accepted if names of staff members are used in outlining your requests/concerns. Letters containing staff names will not be used in the class building process. Our goal is to meet the needs of all students at Cleveland in order to maximize their growth as learners. We appreciate your support in this complex multi-level process of arranging educationally sound and balanced classes.