École Cleveland Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Health Information

Food Allergies

Throughout the year, special occasions come up (i.e. birthdays) and students want to share these special days with their classmates by bringing food to school. Please remember to check with your child's teacher for any possible allergies or food concerns in the class. While teachers cannot share any information about a specific child, they can let you know that there are students with food related medical concerns or food sensitivities in the class.

Some classes hold seasonal celebrations (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day). Please be mindful when planning for these class activities. Please consider alternatives to cupcakes or cookies when you send food to school. Ask your children to help plan tasty, healthier food choices for class events. If sending food, please contact your child’s teacher prior to the special day, and please provide a list of ingredients.

If a child has any allergies, parents need to communicate this information with the school’s staff. Please let our office staff know, as well as your child’s teacher(s). Please provide as much detail as possible, as well as any medical documentation. Complete an emergency care plan for your child if your child's condition is life-threatening. 

We ask that our classrooms be nut free and that parents be mindful of food allergies, however, we cannot guarantee that allergens will not be sent to school. Children with severe allergies should be aware of the risks associated with their allergies and take responsibility for avoiding these risks. Empower your children. Start working with your child, in an age-appropriate way, to teach him/her what he/she is responsible for, such as avoiding allergens, not sharing food and speaking up if he/she starts to have an allergic reaction at school.

If your child has special dietary needs or considerations, we recommend planning ahead with the classroom teacher and having some alternatives available for your child if treats are sent to school that your child cannot eat.

Thank you for your support

Scent Free Building

It is the responsibility of all members of the Cleveland Community to help make our school safe for everyone.

We have many posted signs reminding people that we are a scent free building, but at times we all need reminders. Our signs read:

“Many people are extremely sensitive to perfumes, colognes, aftershaves and other scented products. Please do not wear them at anytime in this building. Thank you”


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