École Cleveland Elementary
North Vancouver School District


Welcome Back to Cleveland!


 We have a very exciting year ahead of us.

Please check the library website regularly for updates.


Our library needs volunteers! If you have some time during the week

and are interested in volunteering please contact

Myriam @ mdumont@sd44.ca

Book Clubs:


Livromanie is our French Book Club for students in grades 4/5 and 6/7. During the year students across the NVSD read 6 books and have the opportunity to vote for their favorite! In March we will have a big celebration where all the elementary students who have participated in Livromanie gather and celebrate, have some cake and there is even opportunities to win french books! Livromanie will start the second week of October. Students who participate commit to reading all 6 French Books and to attending a lunchtime meeting once a month in the library.


Red Cedar Book Club is a province wide book club open to all students in grades 4-7. Students commit to reading 10 books (either from the fiction list or non fiction list) and then voting for their favourite. They also attend monthly meetings in the library where we talk about the books. The red cedar book club will start the second week of October Eager students are allowed to participate in both the fiction and non fiction book club. For more on the red cedar book club go to:  https://www.redcedaraward.ca/



The library has purchased board games and puzzles for rainy days in the library! When the weather is particularly bad, students from certain divisions will be invited to come to the library at lunch.