École Cleveland Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Photography and Student Privacy
Parents and picture-taking:  a reminder about filming, photography and student privacy


With all the exciting school activities that occur throughout the year, we provide this consideration regarding the filming and sharing of student photographs and videotapes of student events.


Parents are welcome to photograph and videotape school events. However, the potential promotion, exchange or sharing of student images raises privacy issues that are important to be aware of.


A parent wishing to film or photograph students and then post these images to a website (i.e. YouTube) needs to have collected signed permission for the students (provided by parents or guardians in the case of minors) in the video before posting their photos. To do so without signed permission is a violation of student privacy.


While any liability would lie with the photographer/videographer in a situation like this, we feel it’s important to remind all parents to respect the privacy of other students and their families.  While it’s understandable that many families would appreciate being able to exchange photographs or videotapes of school events, privacy concerns must take precedence.


Thank you for your understanding.