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Summer Learning
North Vancouver School District
Full Credit Courses

Summer Learning Full Credit courses are offered at the grade 10 - 12 level. These courses provide students with the course curriculum in its entirety. 

Full Credit courses are available to students who have never taken the course and to those who want to repeat the course.

These fast-paced courses require students to be focused and committed to the four week program. Students need to be self-motivated and willing to engage in a variety of learning activities.


  • Classes begin on July 5 and conclude on July 30, 2021.
  • Classes run from 8:30 to 12:30  (Monday-Friday) at Carson Graham (2145 Jones Avenue)
  • Daily attendance is mandatory in all face to face and online sessions
  • Please ensure students register in the correct course
  • No class transfers after June 24, 2021 at noon.

Online registration for Full Credit classes begins on  May 1st. 

Please note: If you are a grade 12 student who has graduated as of June 2021 - you are not eligible to take a Summer Learning course. If you are short graduation credits contact the Summer Learning Office at 604-903-3333.

Full Credit Courses Offerings 2021

Grade 10 Grade 11Grade 12

Career Life Education (remote online)

English 10 - Composition and Spoken Language

2020 English 10 Course Outline.pdf

Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10  

2020 FPC Math 10 Course Outline.pdf

Physical and Health Education 10 (an introduction to strength and conditioning (weightlifting), motor learning, active living, and a variety of health topics)

2020 PHE 10 Course Outline .pdf

Science 10  

2020 Science 10 Course Outline.pdf

Social Studies 10

2020 Social Studies 10 Course Outline.pdf

Life Science 11 

2020 Life Science 11 Course Outline.pdf

Chemistry 11 

2020 Chemistry 11 Course Outline.pdf

LIterary Studies 11

Literary Studies 11 Outline 2020.pdf

Creative Writing 11

Exploration en sciences humaines et sociales 11

2020 Explorations en Sciences Humaines et Sociales 11 Course Outline.pdf

Explorations  in Social Studies 11 

2020 SocialStudies11CourseOutline.pdf

Foundations of Math 11

2020 Foundations of Math 11 Course Outline .pdf

Physics 11

2020 Physics 11 Course Outline .pdf

Pre-calculus  11 

PC11 - 2020 Full Credit Course Outline .pdf

Anatomy and  Physiology 12 

2020 Anatomy and Physiology 12 Course Outline.pdf

Chemistry 12

Summer Learning Chemistry 12 Course Outline.pdf  

English Studies 12

English Studies 12 Course Outline.pdf

Physics 12

Pre-Calculus  12  

2020 PC 12 Full Credit Course Outline (1).pdf