Queensbury Elementary
North Vancouver School District
New Kindergarten Students

Welcome to Queensbury Elementary School!

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, our Kindergarten transition and start-up will look quite a bit different than our usual gradual entry.  Below are some of the 'normal' day schedules for your information. Please connect with your child's classroom teacher for up-to-date classroom specific info.

Entrance Procedures:  School doors open at the 8:40 am bell at which time you may wish to briefly help your child settle into our arrival routines prior to leaving.  If you are arriving late with your child, please enter the school through the main door.  
Recess Snacks/Lunch:  Please send healthy snacks and lunches with your child.  Items such as fresh fruit, vegetables or cheese are appropriate.  Please precut fruits and vegetables.  Water instead of juice helps us prevent sticky accidents.
Dismissal:  Please wait outside in the undercover area next to the south doors of the school for the children to be released to parents/caregivers at dismissal time.  Children will be brought outside so that they may be released to parents before the rest of the school population is dismissed.
Items to have in the Classroom:  Please send the following items to school clearly labelled to leave at school:
  • One pair of Velcro running shoes (for indoor wear)
  • Extra set of clothing (labelled in a Ziploc bag)
  • Please supply your child with a regular size back pack to bring to school each day
If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 604-903-3730 or the school email at queensbury@sd44.ca.