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Queensbury Elementary
North Vancouver School District

2020 - 2021 Queensbury Staff

Administration Staff

Principal                                  Ms. Kelly La Roue

Vice Principal                         Ms. Carly Roy


Office Staff

Elementary School Administrative Assistant                 Ms. Karen Cannon

Elementary School Assistant                                            Ms. Christina Olson

Supervision Aide                                                                 Ms. Maria Godber           


Teaching Staff

Division              Teacher

E01                      Ms. C. Roy/Mr. A. Goheen

E02                      Ms. A. Speakman

E03                      Ms. H. Duncan

E04                      Ms. J. Young/Ms. J. Frazee

E05                      Mr. D. Harris

E06                      Ms. G. Lefroy/Ms. M. Hoodspith

E07                      ​Ms. L. Kennedy

E08                      Ms. C. Murphy

E09                      Ms. B. Grantham/Ms. C. Court

E10                      Ms. J. Galpin

E11                      Ms. S. Walters

E12                      Ms. H. Williams

E13                      Ms. S. Chan

Library                                            Ms. J. Rittich/Ms. C. Wilson

Music                                             Mr. A. Goheen

ELL                                                  Ms. M. Hoodspith

Learning Assistance                    Ms. L. Ross / Ms. L. Beesley

Band                                               Mr. A. Solomahka

Learning Support                         Ms. L. Ross

Counsellor                                     Ms. Sara Hart

Speech/Language                        Ms. C. Monteleone

Hearing Resource Teacher          Ms. Rhena Tevendale

Psychologist                                  Ms. S. Waddle

Family of Schools Leader            Ms. Meagan Stoker

Family of Schools Teacher

Leader                                             Ms. Diana Morris


Support Staff

Education Assistant                       Ms. W. Gleason

Education Assistant                       Ms. H. Van Halteren

Education Assistant                       Ms. D. Pearce

Education Assistant                       Ms. M. Bingeman

Education Assistant                       Ms. S. Hamedian

Education Assistant                       Ms. S. Scolt

Education Assistant                       Ms. J. Jones

Behaviour Support Worker           Ms. Y. Mercier

Learning Support Worker              Ms. V. Bergeron

Crossing Guard                               Ms. Deborah Lutz