Queensbury Elementary
North Vancouver School District

If you still have a library book at your house, either hold on to it until September, or return it to school during the first week of July!!  (June 29, 30, July 2, 3)

Library Information


The Queensbury Elementary Library houses a collection of about 8,000 items including books, DVDs and resources for teachers.  All students have a scheduled time in the library every week. 
The librarian works with classroom teachers and students on various research and literature related projects throughout the year .

Mrs. Rittich on Youtube!!!
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Scholastic At Home!
Wow, click on the link below to get daily reading activities by grade!
Audible Stories:  Free audible stories for kids

free ebooks with Destiny Discover
Hi everyone.  We have access to free ebooks with Destiny Discover until the end of June.  Here is how you access this!
If you have difficulty with the link, try going to www.gofollett.com, state of Illinois, Follett eLearning, McHenry, Il.  My computer goes directly to our school site right away.  If yours does the same, try the above suggestion.  Click on the lock to allow you to change from Queensbury to Follett eLearning.

2.  log on as "guest" with password "follett"
3.  explore

Hopefully this works for you all!!

Borrowing ebooks from the North Vancouver Public Library
Click on "Public Library" on the side bar for information.

Tumble Book Library Free K-6 ebooks
This is a free resource we have until the end of August.  Check out all of the novels and picture books!!!!

Storybooks Canada

National Emergency Library

Families, please find attached a link to connect to the National Emergency Library.  This is a free resource, but you do need to sign in and create a password for yourself.  There are thousands of books available on this site.
J.K. Rowling launches new Harry Potter at home on line platform for children and families