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Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Dress Code
​We ask students and their parents to support a learning environment where attire is appropriate and not distracting or offensive to others.  Articles of clothing that are too revealing, have inappropriate language, topics or images are unacceptable.  Students might be asked to change if the school’s staff and/or administration deem the clothing worn is inappropriate.  Some examples of dress expectations are:
    -tops that are an appropriate length with necklines that are not too revealing  

    -bra straps, underwear and midriff are covered

    -shorts and skirts are of an appropriate length (no incredibly short shorts or skirts)

    -no “low-riding pants” that reveal too much

    -hats, caps and hoods are removed inside the school during instructional time

We all know that our children are inundated by the ads and the “rock star” look but we are an elementary school not an entertainment venue. Sometimes what is okay elsewhere may not be appropriate in an elementary school setting. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.