Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Extended Absences

​​​​If your family is planning on taking an extended family vacation, please inform your child's classroom teacher and the main office to provide dates of the absence.

When family vacations are taken during the school term, students are expected to take the responsibility, particularly in the intermediate grades, to prepare for their absence by gathering unfinished work and completing those items while they are away. Some classes also have a class website or MSTeams site that students can check to see what they are missing while away. Upon their return to school, intermediate ​students are encouraged to consult with their classroom teacher to determine what material they have missed. Please note that teachers cannot be expected to prepare vacation assignments or re-teach previously delivered lessons.​

Other suggestions for educational experiences while away:

• Set aside a time each day for reading books. As school textbooks and library books cannot be taken on extended absences, you may wish to acquire several novels, ebooks, or children’s magazines suitable for your child’s age and reading ability.

• Talk to your child about their reading, and have them keep a reading response journal as a means to record thoughts about what has been read that day.

• Keep a scrapbook of special experiences, encounters and places. This can include postcards, pamphlets, drawings, etc., with some student writing or labeling. Maps with routes marked on them and short paragraphs about the historical significance of certain landmarks are suggested additions.​

• Have your child keep a “math journal” or ledger, dealing with changes in time and currency, distances travelled, cost of fuel and meals; lots of real life practice with numbers. You may wish to provide your child a math workbook to facilitate daily practice with basic math skills.​