Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Phones and Personal Electronic Devices

​​​​power off.webp​It is now common for students to bring cell phones, wireless headphones, smart watches, and other electronic devices to school.​

We recognize for some families a phone is important for communication between parents/caregivers before and after the school day. We also know that cell phones and other devices can be a source of disruption in the classroom and to the learning environment. For this reason, these devices can only be used outside of our building and outside of school hours.

While students can carry cell phones to school, we ask that parents support our efforts for appropriate use by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Cell phones at school must be powered off and kept in a zipped backpack, or in a safe place provided by staff, between 8:45AM and 3:00PM.​
  • Smart watches must be set on "school mode" so that email, phone, messaging, and notifications are disabled.​
  • Unless teachers have specified the use of personal digital devices for use in the classroom (e.g. for research purposes), students may not use cell phones in classrooms, hallways or on the playground during the school day.
  • The school office phone is available during the day. If parents need to speak to their child, we ask that they do not text or call their child's phone. Instead, please call the office and a staff member will have the child return the call. Students can also use the office phone to call home in special circumstances. Students can obtain permission to use the phone from a staff member.
  • Cell phones are often equipped with cameras. Students may not take pictures at school. In order to satisfy legal requirements around the protection of privacy, photography at school is allowed only for school purposes and with the permission of a staff member. Permitted photos can only be used with parental consent.
  • Students who have difficulty adhering to the guidelines may be asked to hand their cell phone or electronic device over to an administrator for safe keeping until a parent can come to the school to pick it up.​