Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Sports Teams


​​​​​Montroyal Elementary School offers a variety of sports and athletic activities through in-class and out-of-class programs.

Extra-Curricular Sports may be offered to students over the course of a school year. Not all of the programs listed below run every year. Students may be offered open gym during lunch programs or an intramural program.

Cross Country Running:​

Cross Country begins in the fall and runs from late September to the end of October. Students in grades 4 through 7 can join the school cross country running team. 


Basketball season begins in the fall and usually runs from the beginning of October to mid-November. Students in grades​ 7 can join the school basketball team. 


Volleyball season begins in the winter and usually runs from the end of January to the beginning of March. Students in grades 6 and 7 can join the school volleyball team.

Track & Field:

Track and Field begins in the spring from mid-April to the beginning of June. Students in grades 4 through 7 can join the school track & field team.