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Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Our Mission Statement
Montroyal strives to work in partnership with parents and the community to provide a dynamic learning environment for all students, where dignity, respect and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of the curriculum are fundamental goals.
Our Code of Conduct
    For self, others and property
    For their own behaviour​ and work
    For self and others
Our School Plan Goals
    To improve the social/emotional problem-solving abilities of students
    To improve student's communication/literacy skills in writing
    To improve student's proficiency in Mathematics.

School Routines and Procedures
In the interest of the child's progress at school, it is important to maintain regular attendance and to avoid arriving late.  However, when absence or late arrival is necessary we ask you to note the following procedures:
Absences – Please leave a message on the school's Callback phone at 604-903-3711  before 9:00 am if your child will be absent that day or arriving late.  Also, leave a message at the same number if you are withdrawing your child for the afternoon.  Please include your name, your child’s name and your child’s grade and teacher’s name in your message.  Callback is in place for both the morning and the afternoon attendance.  If your child does not arrive on time for school, and we are not aware of a planned absence, a staff member at the school will attempt to contact you, or any of your approved emergency contact numbers.
Late Arrivals – children who arrive late for school must check in at the office before proceeding to class.
Many children in our school suffer from a variety of food allergies that need to be taken seriously as they can be death threatening to the child.  Please follow any restrictions that are given for those classes that have students with severe allergies.  Given that peanut allergies are a very common, Montroyal is a peanut-free school.  Please do not send peanuts or peanut-butter to school with your child.​
Supervision At School
All students are encouraged to arrive at school shortly before the first bell in the morning.  Parents should be aware that there is no supervision of students on the playground prior to the start of school or after the 3:00 bell.
In order to foster independence, parents are encouraged to say goodbye to students outside the school, and allow them to enter the school on their own.

Supervision Aides and Teacher Aides provide supervision of students during the recess and lunch breaks.  Students need to be dressed for the weather as it is our expectation that all students will play outside, even in inclement weather. 

Intermediate students who stay at school for lunch go outside at 12:15 when the first bell rings.  Primary students go outside at 12:20.
Students who go home for lunch should sign out at the office when they leave, and sign back in when they return.  For safety reasons, students are not permitted to go out for lunch unless they are accompanied by an adult. Students who are having lunch at home must have a written note of permission from their parents to go to another child's home. 
Dismissal at 3:00 pm
Students may be kept after school to:
    complete unfinished work
    receive extra assistance
    discuss matters related to behaviour
Children will be asked to call home if kept after school.
Please leave your valuables (Ipods, Cellular Phones, MP3’s, Gameboys etc.) at home.  Valuable items can be damaged, lost, or stolen; please do not bring these items to school.
Pupil Use of Telephone:
Students do not have general access to school phones unless there is an urgent need.  Children require approval from a staff member prior to the use of a telephone.  Approval will not be given to arrange visits with friends.
Cell Phones:
Although students may use cell phones to communicate with parents regarding getting to school or home from school, they may not use cell phone during the school day or within the school.  Students who do not abide by this rule or have cellular phone ringing during school time may lose the privilege of cellular telephone use.  The school telephone is always available in emergency situations.
Whenever possible, we encourage students to go home for lunch.  This provides for a change of scenery, exercise and a "home cooked" meal.  However, when this is not possible, children may bring their lunches to school.  Lunch at school is considered a privilege for students.  Our basic rules must be adhered to or the student will be asked to eat lunch at home.  Students who stay for lunch must not leave the school grounds without written parental permission.  Students must sign out at the office and check out with the office staff. Students need to check in at the office when they return.
Bicycles, Rollerblades, Skateboards, Scooters:
In order to keep other students safe, students who ride bicycles to school are not permitted to ride their bikes on school grounds during the school day and must walk their bikes to and from the undercover area where they are parked for the day. In-line skates may only be used during a school- or recreation-sponsored activity and may not be used at any other time on the school grounds during the school day. Skateboards and scooters are not permitted for use on the school grounds until after 3:30 pm.
Inclement Weather:
Students need the opportunity to go outside for fresh air and play during recess and lunchtime at school.  Most days, students will be sent outside at recess and lunch.  Students need to have appropriate clothing for the weather (coats, boots, umbrellas, etc.). 
School Website – Current school information can be accessed through the school website.  Classroom, newsletters, photos and other information can be accessed at
Newsletter – The Montroyal News is posted on the school website each month.
MPAC Website –
Home Study/Homework:
A Rule of Thumb:   
No more than 30 minutes for primary students
No more than 60 minutes for intermediate students
Home Study is initiated by the student or encouraged by the parent.  This study may be in the form of review, extra practice, pleasure reading, informal writing, etc.
Homework is teacher-assigned for the child to do at home.  It is intended to provide time for:
    working on extended projects and reports
    catching up if a student has been absent
    reviewing material in preparation for a test
    additional practice on basic skills
    completion of assignments
Some tips for parents:
    be supportive, encouraging and interested—help clarify but stop short of doing the work yourself
    provide a degree of regularity—a special place, well lit and ventilated
    encourage your child to seek the teacher's help if "stuck"—if your child has
    difficulty with homework, talk it over with the teacher.
Reporting Student Progress:
Report cards are issued three times annually (November, March and June).  The teachers also inform parents of the progress achieved by their child through notes, emails, telephone calls, visits and conferences (student-led / teacher-parent / 3-way).
Learning At Montroyal
Montroyal offers a full range of programs to meet the diverse needs of all students. We offer support through our learning assistance program, an English as an additional language program (ELL) and a gifted program.  Montroyal students are encouraged to be conscientious learners and leaders in their school.  The students are encouraged to be cooperative and highly involved in a variety of school activities, ranging from academics, to the arts, to team sports.  Many Montroyal students also participate in extra-curricular activities outside of the school, as arranged by their parents.  At Montroyal, we believe a well-rounded education is no longer just the three R’s; success in the future will require digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication and high productivity.   This is why Montroyal Elementary School has developed the Global Learner program.  Please see our webpage for more information.

“Childhood is a journey, not a race.”
-Author Unknown
Bell Schedule:

8:40 - 8:55  a.m.        ***Staggered Start at Outside Doors***
8:40 -10:15 a.m.         Instruction
10:15 -10:35 a.m.       Recess
10:35 -12:00 noon      Instruction
12:00 p.m.                    Lunch
12:55                            Warning Bell
1:00-2:50 p.m.            Instruction
2:50 - 3:00 pm            ***Staggered Exit at Outside Doors***
Note:  Update will be given in Sept. if this schedule changes based on any Board of Education
decisions regarding a local school calendar.
In order to establish and maintain a safe and pleasant learning environment, every person at Montroyal, whether he or she is a child or an adult, is expected to speak and act in a responsible manner, at all times, in accordance with the School’s Code of Conduct.      Students at Montroyal are given the responsibility of knowing the rules, following the rules, and managing their own behaviour. Therefore, every effort is made by staff members to emphasize a problem solving approach. Students are encouraged to solve problems independently by following these steps:
    Stop: walk away, take deep breaths, calm down, get control
    Think: how should I handle this?     (Ignore?  Say something?)
    Talk: calmly tell the person what you don’t like and what you expect
    Reflect: resume the activity, walk away, or get help from an adult
Consequences For Unsafe & Disrespectful Behaviour:
We believe that when rules are broken, consequences for students should be logical and suit the misbehaviour as closely as possible. The goal of staff interventions into student conflicts is to help students learn from their mistakes and to change any inappropriate behaviours.
Level 1: Minor rule violations (eg. Running in hallway, arguing over game rules)
    Problem solve with an adult & may involve restitution
Level 2: Misbehaviours that are repeated or more serious (e.g. rough play, repeated disruption in class)
    Problem solve with an adult & may involve parents, longer time-out, restricted privileges, or restitution
Level 3: Non-compliant or violent behaviours (e.g. threats, bullying, physical aggression)
    Respond as in levels 1 & 2, however, parents will be contacted, school & district staff may become involved to provide support, restricted privileges or suspension may be considered
What All Students Need to Know
“With freedom comes responsibility.”
Make sure that you:
    Are respectful (eg. Speak respectfully to others, be polite, offer help to others, follow instructions, ask for help if you need it, take care of our school)
    Know the rules and the Code of Conduct
    Follow the rules and the Code of Conduct
    Dress appropriately for an elementary school environment
    Keep the school clean both inside the building and on the playground
    Manage your own behaviour
What All Parents Need to Know
    Parents and community members who are working in classrooms or volunteering in the school are reminded that they need to sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s tag to wear while they are in the building, or on the school grounds.  This helps with the safety and security of students. 
    A confidentiality declaration is required by all parents who volunteer in the school.  This declaration is needed to ensure that the privacy of our students is protected.
    Parents are asked not to be on the playgrounds during recess and lunch breaks as this makes supervision more difficult for staff members.
Parking Lot:
    Please respect the signs indicating “Staff Parking” and do not park or drop off students in the parking lots (this includes dropping off students for early morning practices).  Street parking is available above and below the drop-off area on Sonora Drive.
“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do something I can do.”
                            -Helen Keller