Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Acceptable Use of Technology

​​​​This information is part of one of the forms provided to parents through School Cash Online. It is read and signed at the beginning of each school year.

Respect and Protect Self

I will:

· Show respect for myself through my actions and ensure the information I post online will not put me at risk.

· Consider how the information and images I post could affect my present and my future. I understand once I share something online, there may be no way to remove it. I also understand posting personal information about myself online may not be appropriate.

· Not visit sites or download material that may be considered offensive or inappropriate (e.g., illegal activities, discrimination, hate, bullying, expletives, suicide, copyright infringements, etc.). If I accidentally access a questionable site, I will leave it immediately and notify an adult.

· Ask a parent/guardian or teacher for help if I am unsure whether a site is inappropriate.

· Immediately report any attacks or inappropriate behaviour directed at me.

· Protect my passwords, accounts and resources.

· Only use my school district assigned email address to access school district resources and applications. I understand it is not intended for personal use.


Respect and Protect Others I will:

· Show respect to others by not using electronic media to bully or harass others.

· Not make offensive comments or post images or personal information of others without their consent.

· Not abuse my rights of access or enter the spaces or areas of others.

· Protect others by reporting abuse and by not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications.

· Abide by my school’s code of conduct, NVSD Policy 302: Student Conduct and NVSD Policy 609: Information and Communication Systems and Resources.


Respect and Protect the Property of Others

I will:

· Respect the property of the North Vancouver School District, the school, and others.

· Protect intellectual property by fulfilling all legal requirements to purchase, license and register all software, music and other media.

· Request permission to use resources, where necessary, and will suitably cite any and all uses of websites, books, media, etc.


Use of personal devices

The NVSD provides students access to its guest wireless network and the option of using personally-owned devices, whether for school or personal purposes.


I understand:

· Student use of personally-owned devices in the classroom will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher who may prohibit, restrict or regulate use of personallyowned devices.*

· Student use of a personally-owned device during class time must support instructional activities.

· The use of mobile devices could cause distraction for others. Audio must be muted unless otherwise directed by school district staff.

· Student devices with camera and video capability must not be used to impinge upon the privacy of others.

· By bringing personally-owned devices to school, students and their families accept that school authorities may inspect the device and its contents with cause to ensure compliance with school and school district codes of conduct, policies ( and guidelines.

· The school district will not be held responsible for physical damage, loss or theft of personally-owned devices.

· Students use the guest wireless network at their own risk. The school district will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of connecting to the guest wireless network or any electrical power source.

· Parents/guardians of a student bringing personal technology to school are responsible for and will be required to reimburse the school district for any damage their child may cause through the use of the guest wireless network and their personally-owned device.


* Unless accommodated within a student’s Individualized Education Plan.​