Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​1.  What year did you open? 


2.  What grades attend your school? How many enrolling classrooms?

Kindergarten to Grade 7

11 enrolling classrooms (5 intermediate; 6 primary)

3.  How many students in your school?


4.  What high school does Montroyal feed into?

Handsworth Secondary School (Grades 8-12)

5.  What specialized programs or services does your school provide?

Music (Winter and Spring Concerts)
English Language Support
Learning Assistance Support
Behaviour Support Worker
Education Assistants
Language Support Worker
Language Support Teacher
School Counselor
Speech and Language Pathologist
School Psychologist
School First Aid
Liason Officer

6.  Do you have one playground?

No, we have two separate playgrounds with play structures, forest, gravel field, hockey/basketball courts
Kindergarten to Grade 2 = lowers
Grade 3 to Grade 7 = uppers

7.  What kinds of leadership opportunities do students have?

Buddy Classes
Peer Leaders
Assembly Set Up Squad
Assembly Announcers
Student Announcements 

8.  What extra-curricular activities do students have?

Cross Country Running (for Grades 4-7)
Basketball in the fall (for Grade 7s)
Volleyball in the winter (for Grades 6-7)
Track and Field in the spring (for Grades 4-7)
Strings (for Grades 4-7)
Choir (for Grades 4-7)​

9.  What does a typical day look like?

8:45 school begins (no bell)
10:20 recess begins (no bell)
10:40 end of recess bell and classes begin
12:00 lunch begins
Primary students eat until 12:20
Intermediate students eat until 12:15
12:55 end of lunch bell
1:00 classes begin
3:00 dismissal

10.  How is Socio-Emotional Learning supported at Montroyal?

Differentiated instruction
Student-centred instruction
Different ways for students to acquire content
Combination of whole group, small group, individual instruction
Continuous and on-going Professional Development for staff
School Spirit Days​
Various programs in each classroom including Second Step, Open Parachute, Growth Mindset
“Mind Up” program and being mindful of self and others

11.  What ways can parents communicate with the school/staff?

Montroyal’s School Website
School Connects Messages via email for important information
Montroyal’s PAC (MPAC) Website
MPAC excellent at communication – email reminders/updates every week (usually on Sunday night)
Direct communication with staff via email, telephone, staff-parent meetings
Classroom Websites (some classrooms)
Class Teams (some classrooms)​

12.  Please tell me more about the MPAC.

MPAC Highly organized, very strong, very involved
Various Initiatives have included:
Welcome Back BBQ
iWalk Week
MPAC Website
School Directory
Information Technology (ie SmartBoards, iPads, Laptops)

Usually scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month (check the school calendar for updates)
Start at 7:00 PM via Zoom - See MPAC web site​ for more information.

13.  How can I get involved as a parent?

Volunteer via MPAC
Speak to your child’s teacher for in-class support or during field trips