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Queensbury Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student School Supplies

Queensbury Elementary purchases school supplies by bulk order, and they are distributed to the students in their classrooms as needed throughout the year.  The cost of school supplies is listed on the table below for this year.  (Usually there is an 'activity fee' which would cover some extra activities that may occur school-wide during the year, but due to COVID, we are unable to have visitors in the school.  We will advise if this may change, and there may be an applicable fee charted if that is the case.)  These fees will be set up for payment in Cash KEV (on-line) at the beginning of October, 2020.  Thank you!

Queensbury Elementary 2020 - 2021 School Fees




The North Vancouver School District is dedicated to providing a wide range of educational opportunities for each student, including as many enriching activities as possible.


In accordance with the School Act and with School Board Fees Ministerial Order, we would like to advise all Queensbury families of the possible school fees that could be charged for the 2020 – 2021 school year.  A fee may be charged to recover some or all of the costs related to enriched or additional learning opportunities.  In all cases, fees are kept to a minimum.  The Board may charge a fee at cost for: transportation, entrance fees and equipment rental associated with field trips or special events.


The fees for the 2020 – 2021 school year at Queensbury are as follows:


Grade LevelConsumable School SuppliesStudent Planners

Enrichment Learning Activities


Field Trip Fees

Please note: due to COVID, Field Trips will most likely not be occurring this year.

Total Fee by Grade

(Revised September 8, 2020) for New Students

Fee for Returning Students 2020-2021

(Less $30 activity fee 2019-2020

K$45.00 NIL $35.00

 Field Trip fees vary by trip and are determined at the time of planning.

Please note: due to COVID, Field Trips will most likely not be occurring this year.

 $ 45.00  
1$45.00 $8.00 $35.00  $ 53.00                       $23.00
2$45.00 $8.00  $35.00  $ 53.00



3$45.00 $8.00  $35.00  $ 53.00



4$50.00 $8.00  $35.00  $ 58.00



5$50.00 $8.00  $35.00  $ 58.00



6$50.00 $8.00  $35.00  $ 58.00



7$50.00 $8.00  $35.00  $ 58.00




The 2020 - 2021 fees for the North Vancouver Outdoor School Programs at the Cheakamus Centre will be:


  • 2 Day Skw'une-was Program:                                        $140.00 (Grade 3)   Apr 22-23, 2021 *
  • 3 Day Outdoor School Program:                                   $205.00 (Grade 4)   Apr 14-16, 2021 *
  • 4 Day Outdoor School Program:                                  $285.00 (Grade 6)   Oct 19-22, 2021 *


It is the school's policy to assist families, in a confidential manner, to ensure that no students are excluded from participation in an activity or program due to financial hardship.


  1. At this time, due to COVID 19, these programs have been postponed or may potentially be cancelled.  We will provide further details as the situation unfolds.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Instructions for setting up an account through Cash KEV On-Line are attached here: