Queensbury Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student School Supply Lists


As a service to Queensbury families, we offered the services of Creative Children to order school supplies for the coming school year in the Spring.  If you wish to purchase your child's school supplies yourself, please use these lists as a guideline.

Order online at www.creativepacks.ca, or contact them at 778-806-4656, or service@creativepacks.ca

Grade 1 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Grade 2 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Grade 3 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Grade 4 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Grade 5 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Grade 6 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Grade 7 School Supplies 17-18.pdf

Supplies purchased through this company will be distributed before the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, and will be given to students on their first day of school.  As usual, they will be sent home overnight in order to have your child's supplies labelled before returning them on Wednesday, September 6th, for their first full day of school.

Kindergarten School Supplies are purchased by the classroom teacher, and a one time fee of $45.00 will be collected from Kindergarten students in the Fall to cover the cost of their supplies.