Queensbury Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Safety at School

​The personal safety of all students on the school grounds is a clear priority.  Students may not bring any personal possessions to school that might jeopardize their personal safety and the safety of others. 

Please review emergency drill information located on the left hand side of this page.  It outlines school procedures for a variety of emergency situations.


The following guidelines apply:


Bikes and scooters may be ridden to and from school for transportation only.  Once on schools grounds students need to walk their bike or scooter to  the bike rack or the front door.  Areas around bike racks are off limits during the school day.  Inappropriate use of bikes, skateboards, rollerblades or scooters to and from school and while on the grounds will result with one warning.  Further violations may result in the student being asked not to ride their bike to and from school.

Dogs at School

While families may have very friendly pets/dogs, it is a North Vancouver City violation to allow dogs on school grounds.  Even friendly dogs may scare or nip children.  We ask that if you are walking your dog to school, please keep them far away from any of the entrances to the school property.  These rules apply to school grounds before and after school as well as weekends and vacation periods.  Unfortunately, dog excrement causes a lot of distress at school for both the children and staff who have to deal with the results.