Carisbrooke Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Kilometre Club
Primary Kilometre Club 2018



On Wednesday, May 9, 2018 the primary classes (Kindergarten to Grade 3s) will begin a walking / running program known as The Carisbrooke Kilometre Club.  All students will be given opportunities to complete laps of the field several times a week, both before and during school hours.  The teacher sponsored before school times will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 8:15 – 8:35 a.m.  The kilometres will be recorded on a chart in each classroom.

The Kilometre Club offers students an opportunity to improve their fitness and develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. We will encourage all students to participate to the best of their ability and to feel a sense of accomplishment as the kilometre totals grow.

While we strongly encourage physical activity outside of school time, only the kilometres accumulated with teacher supervision will be recorded on the class charts.  You may wish to record your child's additional kilometres on a chart at home.  A certificate for additional kilometres will be available for parents to download from the Carisbrooke website

Please be sure that your child has runners to wear every day.  The Kilometre Club will continue until Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Please note, Kilometre Club will be cancelled if it's raining steadily at 8:00 AM

Yours sincerely;

Carisbrooke Primary Staff

Please use the below certificate for at home use.

Kilometre Club Certificate.pdf