Carisbrooke Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Services
The counsellor is one of the professionals who works with the principal, vice principal, teachers and parents to ensure that each child is provided the best possible learning, social, and emotional environment.

The counsellor, along with the many specialists from our school district, works to provide information about children and how they learn. The counsellor also talks with children who seem to be having difficulty adjusting to some aspect of their environment. ¬†This often involves meeting the parents so that we can work together to help the child. ¬†Our counsellor is in the school 1 ¬Ĺ days a week and can be reached any day of the week through the school office.

Learning Assistance
The Learning Assistance Program is designed to provide services to the school and its students through assessment, direct instruction and consultation.  The program is intended to support students who have special needs in one or more academic areas.  These students receive the major part of their education in a regular class and may require some assistance in the Learning Assistance Centre.

Requests can be made to the learning assistance teacher by the teacher or parent when it is apparent that the student is having difficulty.  After some diagnostic testing, the classroom teacher, parent and learning assistance teacher work together to develop a program that will best fit the needs of the child.  Throughout the program, the LAC teacher(s) will keep the family informed of progress.

The LAC teacher meets regularly with the School Based Resource Team members and district staff.

Library Resource Centre
The main functions of the Library Resource Centre are to support and enhance the curriculum and to provide an opportunity for students to gain an appreciation for literature and reading as a pleasurable activity.  As we implement the goals of the Kindergarten to Grade 7 Education Plan, with its concept of learner-focused curriculum, the Library Resource Centre plays an increasingly important role.

The teacher-librarian works in cooperation with teachers to develop units of study and assists students with research and selections of books or other materials.  The literature program introduces students to different authors, illustrators and a wide variety of literary genres.  The skills program focuses on locating, recording and organizing information gained from using print and information technology resources.

In conjunction with the operation of the resource centre, the teacher-librarian is responsible for the selection and ordering of all books and materials located there.  Content and presentation must be age appropriate for elementary students and reflect their reading needs, interest and curriculum requirements.  Preference is given, where possible, to Canadian authors and works.  Within budget constraints, our policy is to remove from circulation and replace outdated and worn materials.

Parent volunteers are critical to the daily operation of the library.  Circulation routines, shelving, computer entry of resources and guiding children to resources are just a few of the daily responsibilities assumed by parent volunteers in a pleasant and informal environment.  These important tasks help provide efficient and effective library services for the children.  Parent volunteers usually spend part of a morning or afternoon, once a week.  If you are interested in joining us, please call the teacher-librarian.

Medical Services
A Comprehensive School Health approach is an effective means to address the intertwined social, educational, psychological and health needs of young people today. Comprehensive School Health includes a broad spectrum of activities and services which involve students, families, professionals, institutions, agencies and communities, all working together in partnership with school staff to promote the wellbeing of students and success in their ability to learn.  Integration of a true CSH approach means incorporating all four of these essential elements:
  • ‚ÄčSupport Services for students and families
  • Social support from families, peers, school staff, community and public policy
  • A healthy physical environment within the school and community
  • Health instruction
Community health nurses are moving from being a direct provider of school health services to being actively involved in creating healthy school communities.  This does not mean they will no longer deliver traditional school health services such as immunization, dental checks, vision and hearing checks and developmental assessments.  These services continue to be an important part of their involvement in schools.  

Health Services are available to Carisbrooke families, through the Vancouver Coastal Health Unit. Referral forms are available from the school secretary.  

School Based Resource Team
The School Based Resource Team consists of the counsellor, L.A.C. teacher(s), speech and language pathologist, district psychologist, one teacher, principal, vice principal, classroom teachers of the students involved and other district professionals as needed.  The purpose of School Based Resource Team meetings is to share knowledge about children, access community resources for children, design strategies for helping children and evaluate progress.  The SBRT meetings occur twice a month and/or when the need arises.  Referrals are made through any of the team members or the classroom teacher.