Carisbrooke Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Mission Statement
Our Carisbrooke mission is to provide a positive environment where individual differences are acknowledged and where students are challenged to reach their intellectual, social, physical, aesthetic and emotional potential.  This is a cooperative process involving students, staff, families and the community.

Our Carisbrooke partnership is striving for our personal best by . . . 
  • Developing a love of learning
  • Developing a pride in accomplishment
  • Developing a spirit of citizenship a​nd involvement
  • Developing respectful, cooperative attitudes and behaviour
  • Developing independent thinking and critical expression
  • Developing self worth and independence
  • Developing successful, lifelong learners

Code of Conduct


At Carisbrooke we will . . .

Respect and value the differences and needs of others
  • ​respect the property of others
  • treat others fairly and respectfully
Solve problems in peaceful way
  • use the Stop-Think-Plan strategy
  • listen to the other point of view
At Carisbrooke we will . . . 

Contribute to the classroom and school community​​
  • ​​behave in a way that is not disruptive to the classroom
  • complete school work on time and to the best of our ability
  • be friendly, inclusive, kind and helpful
Balance our rights and responsibilities
  • follow through on plans and goals
  • accept consequences
  • volunteer help
At Carisbrooke we will . . .

Be physically safe on our own and with others
  • follow school rules
  • think before we act

Carisbrooke Community Agreements

The purpose of the “CARISBROOKE COMMUNITY AGREEMENTS” is to create an orderly, educational environment where students and staff can teach/work, learn, and play in a positive and productive manner.  They are meant to compliment the Carisbrooke Code of Conduct: 
RESPECT … At Carisbrooke, we will respect and value the differences and needs of others.

RESPONSIBILITY . . .At Carisbrooke, we will contribute to the classroom and school community.

SAFETY…At Carisbrooke, we will be physically safe on our own and with others.

1. Before School
  • ​Students will remain outside of the school building until the first bell at 8:46AM. 
  • Exceptions include a student's participation in a teacher-supervised activity, such as band, choir, study club, sports, and Library (when opened by Mrs. Ferraby).
  • Study club participants must report to that classroom no later than 8:30 AM.
2. Pedestrian Safety
  • ​Bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades must be walked or carried upon arrival on the school  property. 
  • Helmets are required by law, for bike riders.
3. Entering and Exiting The School
  • ​Students will enter and exit the school building through the East (Gym) and West side doors: 
    • at the first bell
    • at the beginning and end of recess and lunch
    • at dismissal. 
  • For school safety, these doors will remain locked at all other times. 
  • The Main Office entrance is reserved for late arrivals, school business, guests, and parents during school hours.
4. General Hallway Behaviour
  • ​Students will walk calmly and quietly, keeping to the right to allows others to pass safely.     

5. Recess/Lunch Traffic
  • ​As needed, students will use the washroom facilities on the CENTRAL GROUND FLOOR during recess and lunch, entering and exiting through the Main Office door only. 
  • A “Hallway Pass” must be obtained from a Playground Supervisor or the Office by students needing to return to a classroom for dry or warmer clothing. 
6. Lunch Etiquette
  • ​While eating lunch, students will be seated and use indoor voices until 12:10 p.m. and no later than 12:25 p.m., when they must go outside to play.  
7. Inside Manners
  • ​GUM: Students will avoid bringing gum to school. 
  • HATS: Students will remove hats upon entering the school building.  
  • HOODS: For school safety, students will remove hoods upon entering the school building.
  • QUIET VOICES:  Students will use quiet voices in all common areas.
8. Palyground Manners
Students will follow the Code of Conduct on the playground.
  • RESPECT: Students will respect property and living things in the environment, treat others fairly, agree on the rules, consider other points of view, and solve problems in peaceful ways.
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  Students will behave in a friendly, inclusive, kind, and helpful manner; accept consequences; volunteer to help; and return playground equipment.
  • SAFETY: Students will think before acting, listen to and obey directions of playground supervisors, and use all playground equipment in a safe manner.