Carisbrooke Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Winter Weather Information
Information on severe weather conditions and what to expect during a snowfall.


Will schools close?

All schools in the North Vancouver School District will remain OPEN during winter weather, including snowfalls, if possible.

Should weather conditions be extreme or there are power outages throughout the district, a decision will be made by the superintendent's office to close schools. This announcement is made early in the morning and is communicated on the NVSD website and local radio / TV stations. We do not foresee a closure, but it's difficult to predict weather conditions accurately. Student safety is always the number one priority. 

How will I know if there is a closure at my school?

 School closure information will be posted on the NVSD website and broadcast on local TV and radio stations. School closures will be announced in the morning, usually by 6:30 a.m. Local radio and TV stations that announce school closures are listed at the end of this message.


What do I need to consider as a Parent / Guardian?

  • in the event of heavy snowfall, please do your best to walk to school
  • to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic during excessive snow, parents/ guardians who drive children to school are encouraged to β€œDrive to 5" ( park five minutes from the school, then walk)
  • parents / guardians are responsible for a child's safe travel to and from school. If for any reason there is concern that a child cannot travel safely, other arrangements should be made
  • parents / guardians are encouraged to establish an emergency plan for their children in the event that schools are closed, start late, or dismiss early
  • ensure your child is dressed appropriately to get to and from school, please attend closely to footwear
  • stay tuned to district communications and messages sent by the school\

Safety at school

Once at school, every effort will be made to clear snow and ice from pathways, playgrounds, and entrances to the school. These areas are regularly salted to prevent slips and falls.  We ask students to enjoy the snow but not to throw snowballs on the playground during recess and lunch.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during last Friday's unexpected power outage. 

Your cooperation regarding student safety is appreciated.​

Local Radio / TV Stations

CBC Radio  690 AM          Global TV

CBC Radio 105.7  FM    β€‚      CBC TV                                   

CHMB AM 1320   β€‚           City TV            

CHMJ AM 730 (Traffic) β€‚      BC-CTV   

CHQM FM 103.5             β€‹

CFBT FM 94.5               

CKNW AM 980             

CKWX News AM 1130 radio