Carisbrooke Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Winter Weather Information



School Drop Off and Pick Up


If at all possible, we would ask parents to avoid driving to the school on snowy mornings to avoid dangerous road conditions.  We would ask that students are walked to and from school, if possible


The school will try to maintain a pathway from Carisbrooke Road to the front of the building (to both entrances).  The pathway will be salted and kept as clear as possible.  We ask that all students and parents use this walkway when entering and leaving the school.


Please avoid the parking lot as it is reserved for staff who do need to drive from distances to get to Carisbrooke.  Please do not walk your child through the parking lot as there will be moving cars in potentially difficult weather conditions.


Lastly we ask that you have your children dressed for this type of weather.  Children really enjoy playing in the snow, but we want them to keep as warm as possible


Communication Plan


The means of communicating information to parents will be through electronic means  (website, district website, synervoice), or prepared letters to be sent home when snow is eminent.  We ask that parents follow media reports in the morning as the NVSD does provide information to these media outlets in the event of school closures


School Closure (During the School Day)


In the unlikely event that the school is closed due to weather (in the middle of the day), the school (through Class Reps) will contact parents that the school is being closed.  The school recognizes that snow storms or other weather events may make it difficult for parents to get to the school quickly.  The school will hold all students until parents/guardians arrive for pickup.


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