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Self-Guided Gallery Tours

Artboard 9.png​Teachers can bring their students to the gallery for half a day. Classes from K to 12 are invited. Not only do the classes get access to the gallery, but they will be able to use the Reid Studio as a place to respond to the exhibit in a way that supports cross-curricular learning. Teachers are required to attend an orientation at the gallery beforehand and to bring their own supplies for their class's activities.

For the 2020-2021 school year, due to COVID-19 we are offering a virtual version of our Self-Guided Gallery Tours 

Teachers can make use of the following online resources:  

1. An introductory video  

Scroll down to find the video for your grade level that introduces the Play exhibitionUsing these videos, you can reflect on the artworks with your class and then do a drawing activity. 

2. A hands-on art making activity: AFK ArtReach video series 

Choose one (or more!) of the AFK ArtReach videos and carry out the demonstrated art activity with your class. Each AFK ArtReach video this fall and winter is designed to reflect themes from the Play exhibition.  

3. A Virtual Tour of the Play Exhibition: Video and Interactive Gallery Tool 

Scroll down to view the 15 minute video: Virtual Tour of the Play Exhibition. Additionally, explore the document Play - Artists and Artworks which provides an overview of the artworks in the exhibition, grouped into 6 themes. This document can be found linked under the tour videoYou can also explore an online interactive version of the Play exhibition here.

AFK Play Exhibition Introduction: Primary


AFK Play Exhibition Introduction: Intermediate


AFK Play Exhibition Introduction: Secondary


Virtual Tour of the Play Exhibition


Play - Artists and Artworks.pdf

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