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Roz Marshall

Rosalind Marshall was born in 1947 in Wales. Her father was in the Royal Air Force and the family lived around the world, until 1962, when they moved to Vancouver. She has always felt the need to assert herself as a woman artist and her imagery reflects this quest. Her quilt and tapestry-like compositions focus on the traditional work of women and the subject matter reflects things she is close to — her garden, fruit, pets and vases of roses. She is best known for her vivid, colourful and highly decorative still-life painting, celebrating pictorial space in a way few contemporary artists explore. Her imagery is inventive and playful and at the same time, an honest synthesis of her life experiences. She is a talented teacher who has shared her love of art with children and adults throughout her artistic career.


Dreaming Lascaux Woman, 2014
inkjet and acrylic, ed. 35
image: 14.5” x 18”
paper: 24” x 28”



Wild Roses and Rambutans, 2011
giclee, remarked, ed. 65
image: 30” x 23.5”
paper: 35.5” x 28”




Giclee, or inkjet printing is achieved using a high-resolution printer. The minute closeness and intense colour of the ink produces a high-quality archival image. Artists often add hand-drawn or painted features to create original prints from multiples.


Artists for Kids

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