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Robert Davidson

Robert Davidson, whose Haida name is Guud San Glans (Eagle of the Dawn), was born in 1946 in Hydaburg, Alaska. He moved with his family to Massett on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) in 1947 and lived there until 1965 when he moved to Vancouver to complete his education. In 1966 he met Bill Reid and soon after, began an 18-month apprenticeship that launched his career as an artist. He is a master carver of totem poles and masks and works in a variety of other media as a printmaker, painter and jeweller. He is also a leading figure in the renaissance of Haida art and culture. An impeccable craftsman, his creative and personal interpretation of traditional Haida form is unparalleled. He has received the Order of British Columbia and in 1996, was awarded the prestigious Order of Canada.


Sea Anemone, 2015
serigraph, ed. 100
full bleed: 20” x 15”



This serigraph, based on a painting by the artist, shows his ability to interpret old forms through abstraction, paring an image to essential lines, elemental shapes and a strong use of colour.


Looking Back at Where We Came From, 2000
serigraph, ed. 99

Sold out


There is Light in Darkness, 2012
serigraph, ed. 100
full bleed: 41” x 21”

Sold out


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