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Etienne Zack

Born in Montreal in 1976, Zack studied at Concordia University and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He lives and works in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Zack’s paintings suggest the nearly infinite possibilities that can be found in an artist’s studio. Indeed, the starting point for many of Zack’s paintings are constructions or installations that he creates in his studio, often from commonplace (in context) materials such as paint tubes, palettes and cigarettes. Conveyed with a raw, sometimes naive, style, Zack’s canvases may read as fanciful without coming off as slick or escapist. They also provide a different take on the longstanding genre of “painting about painting,” integrating philosophical commentary on the genre’s history with a grounding in its real, physical materials and settings. In 2005, he won the RBC Canadian Painting Competition and in 2008, he won the Prix Pierre-Ayot. His work has been featured in the Quebec Triennial, the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad and the Canadian Biennial, as well as at venues internationally.


Daytime Motion Picture, 2012
inkjet and acrylic on paper, ed. 35
image: 21” x 24”
paper: 26” x 28”



The ink-jet and acrylic multiple was developed as a cut-paper collage, manipulated in photoshop and outputted on a digital printer. All the works are unique pieces that have had individual elements altered with acrylic paint by the artist. In his words: “It’s loosely based on the camera obscura mechanism. It depicts how history, personal history, judgement, inspiration, decision making, knowledge, values and concepts are at work while making art, thinking about art and constructing ideas. The light comes in a room through an unpainted hole left in the centre of a window. The light traverses stored paintings (history) goes on to reflect on Marcel Duchamp’s fountain which in turn deflects the light through a hole in the middle of a bookcase and finally the light is escorted outside again through another window. In a way its a simple depiction of the trajectory that thought would take inside some ones head.” These works are the very epitome of Zack’s creative journey.


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