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Arnold Shives

Arnold Shives was born in 1943 in Vancouver. He developed his love of art during his high school years at Lord Byng Secondary in Vancouver and later at UBC where he audited painting classes with the ever-inspiring Gordon Smith. In 1968, returning to Vancouver from Stanford University, he met Toni Onley who became a lifelong mentor. Toni encouraged Arnold to pursue his imagery with professional galleries and met early success in both Vancouver and Toronto. Since that time he has worked as a full-time artist exploring the serene nature of the landscape in painting, assemblage and through printmaking. Arnold’s work has been exhibited across Canada, in the United States, South Africa, Europe and Japan. Shives’ work can be found in numerous public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.


Arnold Shives | Luminous Fjord, 2019
six colour relief linocut printed on arches 88 paper

image: 16" x 24"
paper: 28" x 20.5"



Lonsdale Mountain View, 2013
linocut, ed. 25
image: 12” x 16”
print: 18.5” x 22”



Spire Dance, 2007
six-colour linocut, ed. 50
image: 32” x 24”
paper: 40” x 30.5”



Elton Lake, 2003
linocut, ed. LIX
image: 9” x 6”
page: 15” x 11”



Taiya River XII, 2000
etching and monotype, ed. 60
image: 9” x 6”
paper: 15” x 11”



Landscape Blink, 1999
eight colour serigraph, ed. 90
image: 24” x 18”
paper: 32” x 26”



Relief printing is the most ancient form of printmaking. Linoleum, wood and stone are common materials used for this process. Images are carved into the plate and ink is applied to the uncarved areas and printed using a press. Often, multiple plates are used that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a dynamic relief print.


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